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Location: Know Your Nature

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Gervin: You might not become a DragonLord, but I have no doubt that you will do us, and our Dragons, proud one day, daughter.
Gervin: But who is this with you?

Gervin: Warlic's young apprentice, aren't you?

Gervin: Amara and I were on our way to deal with... an issue... when the two of you entered the Inn.
Gervin: We really mustn't delay investigating it any longer.

Gervin: Hmm. It may be dangerous. I'm not sure I want you young women to be exposed to such... vileness.

Gervin: Very well. We will be traveling to a storage facility which houses troublesome creatures that we DragonLords must deal with.
Gervin: If you feel faint, or unable to continue, we'll have to leave you at that facilities entrance while we continue on.
Gervin: So it's best to be sure you want to come with us.
Gervin: Once we're in the mountain, we may face danger. If we get separated, just keep following the path to the main holding area.

Gervin: We've had word that some of the more mundane monsters- less dangerous ones- in the facility have broken free.
Gervin: Our target is still locked up, thankfully. But we'll need you girls to be careful as we make our way to its holding area.

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