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Big Scakk Attack!

Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Quests! » Next » Meet Scakk

«Scene: Battleon, Yulgar's Inn»

«Scakk, a member of the Order of the Alpha is in the Inn.»

«You»: Hey! I know you! You're... you look familiar...
Scakk: I'm Scakk!
«You»: Are you sure? You don't look like I remember you.
Yulgar: He's not holding Anna on his shoulder!
«You»: Oh, right! So, anyways, what brings you to Battleon?
Scakk: There's a problem... my clones have escaped.
«You»: Clowns? Sounds like fun. But you said they escaped... why were you keeping clowns locked up?
Scakk: Low tech societies are always such a challenge! CLONES, not clowns. I've been experimenting with binding of a number of different probabilities into one stable reality. This one.
Scakk: To keep everything from imploding, I've created a series of probability clones that stabilize those potential realities in this world.
Yulgar (in unison): Huh?
Hans (in unison): Huh?
«You» (in unison): Huh?

«Falerin appears in the scene.»

Falerin: He means there are a number of monsters running around Lore who look a lot like Scakk.
Falerin: You need to help him catch them before they destroy reality on Lore and generally wreak havoc with the universe as we know it.
«You»: Why didn't you just say so?
Scakk: I did! So are you willing to help?
«You»: To save Lore? Sure!
Scakk: You'll have to be careful! The clones affect probability with whatever they're in proximity to.
Scakk: Also, they've learned to clone themselves, and each generation is a little more degraded than the last.
Yulgar (in unison): Huh?
Hans (in unison): Huh?
«You» (in unison): Huh?
Falerin: Whatever they get close to starts to change... for the worse. Plus, the clones themselves will get weirder and weirder the longer they're on Lore.
«You»: Well, Falerin, at least you make sense!
Scakk: Aargh!
«You»: So, how do we recognize these guys?
Scakk: Well, they'll look a little like me-- at least, they will to begin with. And they'll be carrying giant spoons.
«You»: Giant spoons?
Scakk: Not only are they scary clones, they're cereal killers.
«You»: ...Well of COURSE they are. Let's spread out and hunt us some clones!
Scakk: I think a large group came through in the field behind the Inn. Let's look there first!
Scakk: Here-- Use this device I made to capture them! I call it the Nebulizer. I don't know why, so don't ask. Hit them with the nebulizing blast.
Scakk: It will paralyze them, and then I can gather them up for future reprogramming.
  • Go!

    The scene changes to the fields behind the Inn, with many of Scakk's clones running amok.

    Click on the clones to capture them by firing a shot of Nebulizer juice. Watch out though, you have a limited amount of shots, as indicated by the Nebulizer juice level on the right side of the screen, so don't miss too often!

    After you complete catching all the clones, you return to the Inn.

    Scakk: Well, I think we've gotten all the ones that landed in the field. Now it's time to find the rest! Take this portable Nebulizer with you.
    Scakk: After you subdue them, it will render them helpless until I can come and get them.
    Hans: We just got a report that some clones were sighted in No Man's Land!
    «You»: Okay-- I'm off! Wish me luck!

    «Scene: No Man's Land»

    «You»: Well, I don't see anything suspicious here--«Visia enters the scene.»

    «You»: Visia!

    «The scene zooms in on Visia.»

    Visia: Thank you for getting rid of those awful clones-- every time they got near me I felt... good!
    Visia: There's a report that more clones have been spotted near Dragonspire. Hurry, you may be able to catch them!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Plains near Dragonspire»

    «You»: Okay, this should be a snap! I know what to expect, now!«You»: Okay, maybe that wasn't quite what I expected, but--

    «Draschemus enters the scene.»

    Draschemus: Thank you for the help, «You»! What has been happening to my dragons is awful.
    Draschemus: I heard that the last of the clones were spotted in Darkovia, in the werewolves' territory. Can we give you a lift?
  • Please!

    «Scene: Darkovia Forest»

    «You»: Considering what the monsters have looked like so far, I wonder if I'll be able to make the old 'my, what big teeth you have' jokes about these werewolves...Scakk: Great job, «You»! I couldn't have done it without you.
    «You»: You're welcome, Scakk. Are you sure you have all of them?
    Scakk: Well, pretty sure. If you find any more, go ahead and capture them. Falerin can always let me know that I need to come back and pick one up.
    «You»: So, we'll be seeing you again, soon?
    Scakk: You never can tell!
    «You»: Okay then. Bye!

    «You leave the scene. The scene zooms in on Scakk, with a smile showing his gleaming white teeth...»

    Scakk: Yep-- you can never tell...

    «A red clown nose appears on Scakk...»

  • Clone Shoes IIZ
  • Clone Shoes I
  • Guardian Clone Shoes III
  • Clone Shoes IV
  • Clone Shoes V

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  • Guardian Tower!
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