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Stephen Nix -> Necro (8/11/2010 21:01:50)



Location: Moonridge

Quests given

Shops owned

Necro: Iím going into town to buy some spell components. Now, you guys stay here, okay?
Necro: ...
Necro: Youíre undead. The knights would slay you.
Necro: Yes.
Necro: I travel with you two everywhere I go. I want at least some time to myself. Gosh, I canít even hear myself think sometimes.
Necro: Donít gimme that look. At least you get to be Ďnot deadí. Youíre lucky I let you use words, you know the rules.
Necro: I like soup.
Necro: I named him Chomper because he tried to bite my toes off.


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