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Mayor Dolan

Location: Moonridge, Moonridge: Saved!

Quests given

Shops owned


Mayor Dolan: Hello, traveller. Welcome to Moonridge.

  • Talk
    Mayor Dolan: I know Doomwood is an...unhealthy.. location for a town...

    Mayor Dolan: ...But we are very near a trade route that connects Falconreach to the towns further south.
    Mayor Dolan: Without a place to take refuge, travellers would have no protection here on the edge of the forest as they are passing through.
    Mayor Dolan: Plus, we have the Moonridge Knights to protect us. I have faith in their ability.

  • Moonridge Knights
    Mayor Dolan: Our knights have been trained by the finest of dragonlords, and are led by a most capable leader. Hawke keeps them in shape.

    Mayor Dolan: I'm not entirely certain, but she is quite a skilled ranger. We hired several mercenaries when the knighthood was founded.
    Mayor Dolan: Actually, now that I think about it.. I believe she is from East of here. Near the Sandsea. She likely trained there.

  • The town
    Mayor Dolan: Im afraid the story of Moonridge is rather dull...
    Mayor Dolan: Years ago, a group from the north were travelling through here and simply decided to set up camp. Heh, and they never left!
    Mayor Dolan: Eventually, more and more travellers camped here, and it became widely known as a good resting spot along the road.
    Mayor Dolan: Soon, settlers began moving in, and the rest I suppose is history.

    Mayor Dolan: Well, you see...

    Mayor Dolan: The town WAS just a giant shopping mall, the Muskrat Mall... but at that point we did not have running water...

    Mayor Dolan: Packing a few hundred stinky people in one building with only a few windows... not such a great idea.
    Mayor Dolan: So we ended up building a normal town instead, to help with air flow.

    Mayor Dolan: Weve got running water now though, so its fine. No reason not to stay and spend your money.

    Moonridge: Saved!

    Mayor: Good people of Moonridge...
    Mayor: Lend me your EARS!...
    Mayor: Lend me your EYES!...
    Mayor: Lend me your HEARRrrrrrr.... Ok, serously, Sally. Put that down.
    Mayor: Today we celebrate the saviors of our home! Behold our heros... <Character> and Artix!
    Mayor: They selflessly came to Moonrdige to rescue us and defeated a horde of undead invaders!
    Mayor: For this I am proud to give you the key to the city!
    Mayor: We have a big night planned, including 'Pin The Tail On Harvey, The Tailless Donkey'... but first...
    Mayor: <Character>, Artix, If there is every anything the grateful people of Moonridge can ever...

    Mayor: Nobody was hurt, thanks you you two. Well... almost nobody.
    Mayor: When the monster fell... it fell on top of Harvey, the Tailless Donkey. Everyone else is fine.
    Mayor: I was waiting until after the celebration to tell you both this, but now seems as good a time as ever.
    Mayor: I know that you two are trying to get into the Necropolis... and I think I know you can do it! Listen carefully...


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