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Baron -> Clone Shoes IIZ (8/28/2010 19:18:46)

Clone Shoes IIZ

Also see Clone Shoes I, Guardian Clone Shoes III, Clone Shoes IV, Clone Shoes V

Location: Big Scakk Attack!
Element: Fire
Type	Z
Level	5
PowLvl	42
CostLvl	32

Price	300
S <48h	270
  >48h	75

MPCost	124
Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage	24-56
Stat%	162
These clone shoes are now under your control!


Numbers from In Media Res. Image from balubamboto. Write-up by devbhargava.


July 29, 2010: The spell was released.
June 15, 2017: Price and sellback were swept. Old values were:
Price	550
S <48h	495
  >48h	275

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