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Who or what is Seth Cay Dhows and what fell designs does the shadowy figure have in mind for Darkovia and for all of Lore. With each new phase of the Hall of Memories has come more questions and more struggles and few simple answers. The Loremaster is dead and in the wake of this death the Mysterious Stranger has become far more active in Darkovia. He has set in mind a plan a plan with dark outcomes and darker intimations for Lore.

The next major installment in the Hall of Memories looks to be a big one with big stakes and big payoffs. The artists have been busy and so have I scripting, animating, coding and drawing together the single largest single storyline related release of my tenure to date...

Okay well thats perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but it does feature:

A war whose pools shift throughout with multiple segments, rewards, and cutscenes unfolding as the war progresses... And with a very sinister timer counting down toward... something...

So yeah its pretty epic...

The face of lore shall change... are you ready for the error that results from division by zero.

The Loremaster is dead.

Long live the Loremaster...


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