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Aelthai -> =AE= Artix Entertainment 2011 Wall Calendar! (9/14/2010 20:01:13)

I'm sure that many of you already know this (okay, okay, I'm a little slow today ;-) ), but if you don't - there are two big projects that have been getting worked on - one by the staff, one by you (the players).

In many ways, they are the SAME project. But we're not going to let that stop us!

First - the Artix Entertainment 2011 Wall Calendar!

The calendar will feature female NPCs from our Artix Entertainment games set on backgrounds appropriate to the month's theme. (So December will have Aisha on a snowy background, and October will have Safiria on a Mogloween-themed background!) Mido, our newest graphic design artist, is hard at work on the calendar, and is featuring the following month/NPC pairs:

  • January: Fae *
  • February: Beleen
  • March: Ai No Miko
  • April: Geopetal
  • May: Jemini
  • June: Faith
  • July: Nythera
  • August: Reens
  • September: Alina
  • October: Safiria
  • November: Oishii
  • December: Aisha

We'll also include significant dates from Artix Entertainment's history and the games (big events, beta and alpha dates, AE holidays, etc) so that you'll know just when to make time to play the Mogloween event, or to check out Frostval or Hero's Heart Day!

The calendar will sell on HeroMart. There will also be an in-game item that comes with the calendars! We can't wait for you to see it, and more details on pricing (and other fun news about HeroMart) will be available as we get further details!

*No, she's STILL not ingame. How long can we drag this out?

...I really should show you the teaser picture, shouldn't I?

Ai No Miko

Moving on! The second thing is the same thing - only put together by YOU, our fans! Your fellow players are making a fan-made calendar that will be included on the Portal site once it's done! They've gathered all the information they need for it and have moved on to the art-gathering stage.

They'd really like to showcase fan-made art in the calendar, and for that they need YOUR help! They've got themes for each of the months, but would also like to see any free-themed AE-based art for possible inclusion in the calendar. If you'd like to submit your work (or to read the guidelines for submission) please go here.

We're looking forward to seeing what YOU manage to come up with - probably just as much as you'd like to see what WE did!

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