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Sir Gnome -> =MQ= Gears University Houses Forum Rules (9/15/2010 17:43:14)

The Rules of the Gears University Houses Forum

  • All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!
    These should be the first thing you read when you join the forums. They apply everywhere; this means that any behavior prohibited by the Universal Rules is prohibited in this forum.

  • House related threads only
    This board is for threads relating to the three MQ Houses: Mystraven, Runehawk and Wolfblade. These can vary between general discussion, questions and strategy, or anything else based around the Gears Houses. We do however ask that things that have nothing to do with the Houses be posted in the relevant section of the main MechQuest boards.
      For the AdventureQuest Clans, see Paxia Clans
      For the AQWorlds Guilds, see AQWorlds Guilds
      For the DragonFable Guilds, see DragonFable Guilds
      For the EpicDuel Factions, see EpicDuel Factions

  • No Role Playing
    We have some great RP boards here, and we ask that you please keep all Role Playing in the Role Playing boards.

  • Do not post images directly
    Please link to any images usng [/link=][/link] tags rather than posting them directly using [image][/image] tags. The only exception to this is your House Council or equivalent thread, which can have up to 1MB of pictures posted directly in it.

  • No Flaming/Trolling
    While we know there will be (and encourage!) a certain level of competitiveness between the Houses, you need to be careful that this is friendly rivalry rather than something that will cause real offence.

  • House Councils
    This House is owned by an NPC, and all major actions will be directed by them. You will be able to vote when the time comes for global House events, and when that happens, you will be notified. In the meantime, you can try to elect sub-representatives as any other clans do, but obviously cooperation will be key here. Have fun with this, elect attack and defense leaders, scouts, helpers, artists, etc. Make this an enjoyable House to be part of.

  • No sub-division
    There will be not separation of the Houses into smaller groups ( like mini clans or sub groups ) inside the House. The House is to function as a whole not to be separated by various clans/groups inside of it, with the exception of a Council group if desired.

  • Advertisement
    Your House Council thread or equivalent is your opportunity to show off your House and members. Please do not make threads in other House's boards telling them to switch houses, or threads in the main Gears University board to advertise your house.

  • Group Signatures
    Refer to the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Signatures.

  • Sir Gnome -> RE: <b>=MQ= Gears University Houses Forum Rules</b> (9/15/2010 18:15:19)

    If an issue arises within the MQ Houses (be it clarification of the rules, an issue with a specific user, or reporting rule violations), the following is a list of individuals to contact. If you wish to report threads in violation of the rules, you may contact any Gears University Houses ArchKnight. If you have an issue with an ArchKnight, please contact the head moderator of this forum. If your issue is with the moderating staff, please contact [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Scakk and/or [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Zyrain.

    MQ Houses Head Moderator

    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Vivi

    MQ Houses ArchKnights

    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] golden1231
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Peachii

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