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Rhubarb's Swashbuckler

Level: 35
Price: 462 Nova Gems
Sellback: 416 Nova Gems for the first 24 hours after purchase, 116 after.
Location: Talk Like A Pirate Day NG '09

Equip Slot: Head
Damage Type: None
Damage: 0-0
Hits: 1
Energy: 53
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: N/A
Special Effects: Chance for 1 of the following:
-Chance for "Your feelings were.... HURT!", causes 15-22 DoT, lasts 6 turns.
-Chance for "Trash Talked! -50 to accuracy!", lowers opponent's Bonus by 50, lasts 4 turns.
-Chance for "Trash Talked! -50 to damage!", lowers opponent's Boost by 50, lasts 4 turns.

Combos: N/A

Description: A swarthy, yet jolly roger that will trash talk your enemy!
Image: Rhubarb's Swashbuckler

*Thanks to Martin13 for image, rarity and reformatting, and hauntar for special correction!*

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