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Falerin -> =Story and Dev= Division by Zero Error (9/24/2010 19:51:42)

On Thursday September 30th the Hall of Memories saga continues.

Eldron has come up with a plan to bring Falerin back to the world of the living.

A very strange plan that involves badly reenacting recent Lorian history in a play.

But the plan will have to wait; for, during rehearsal, first Gracefang, and then Nightreign both break into Falerin's library; each with their own warnings about Darkovia.

Cenara reports about a strange clock ticking toward a deadline and many sightings of Father Dhows within Darkovia.

Meanwhile, Donovan advises the player to stay out of what does not concern a "birdie"making it clear that the passage WILL be opened and there is nothing the you can do to stop it.

What follows is a war unlike any other before it. A timed deadline, gradual reward release, new monsters, changing monster pools, and a war meter that keeps being tampered with by the influx of new armies each representing a distinct stage and with its own dividing cutscene's and interactive content.

Are you prepared for undefined behaviour? Are you prepared for division by zero?

Lore really should have used limits.... or at least made sure it was not using the Real numbers....

Beat the clock and unlock three different abode facilitated journeys, that automatically play from within the war, including a war mechanism last used in the Resistance is Feudal event.

Fail to beat the clock and all bets are off....

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