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Lord Barrius -> =Dev and Story= A Thank You and A Look Ahead to 2011 (9/27/2010 0:28:55)

This won't take long. I just wanted to thank every one of you for your input, and give you a little look at things to come.

First, thank you all so very much. Your feedback has proven invaluable in improving my writing. I've taken a lot of your ideas and used it to make my writing even better. There's even some feedback that I disagreed with, but I still took it into account because I want to make sure that I produce the kind of content that you'll all enjoy!

Here's just a few of your tips that I know I need to work on for next time:
  • Rewards more focused on filling gaps
  • Include more new monsters
  • Extend the length of the quest
  • Beef up the story

    I'm pleased to admit that I have done all of these things for the next portion of the SeekRat Saga. I can only hope you'll enjoy that chain even more than this one! You'll see the next part of the SeekRat Saga sometime in 2011.

    If 2010 was the initial kick-off for having a big variety of writers and content, 2011 promises to be even more varied. Our schedule for 2011 is still in flux, but there's currently at least 4 different writers with work scheduled for next year! Having so many different writers and so many stories ensures that we're going to have a healthy variety of content for all of you to enjoy in 2011. But don't worry, there will be no shortage of epic storylines to enjoy, even with that many writers. For example, there is a brand new saga starting up in 2011, in addition to the continuation of multiple writers continuing their own sagas.

    And I've already admitted that, eventually, my writing will have ties to Falerin's. Fal has told you once that everything ties together. But you have yet to truly understand what that means....

    But, let's not ignore the rest of 2010! There are still some amazing surprises left in 2010. But I'll leave those surprises to be revealed by the masterminds responsible. [:)]

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