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Aelthai -> =AQ Story and AE News= Helping Kabroz?, HeroMart, and BladeHaven! (10/11/2010 18:15:24)

This Week on Adventure Quest...

Kabroz would like your assistance with a task ... or is that two? Well, you know Kabroz!
No way you'd ever help him out ... right?

If you do, you may make someone else very happy ...

Oh, and remember to dress up! Must not forget that, even in the middle of Darkovia!

...and elsewhere around AE!


HeroMart, our bizzare online store featuring our first Music CD, The NPCs: Critical Hits, and the ChickenCow T-shirt is being publicly released Wednesday!

(However, there is this rumor going around that it is already open and orders have been shipped... not quite sure where that rumor came from, we'd never hide the real opening in Design Notes, right?)

BladeHaven Beta Release

Beta for BladeHaven is scheduled to begin on Thursday. The Beta will use the ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL (Your BattleOn Portal Master Account login!) and will be open to Guardians, DragonLords, Star Captains, AQWorlds Members and... um... we have no idea what Epic Duel players that upgraded are called... but yup, them too. Bladehaven is a first person sword fighting game. It features achievements that will earn your master account EXP.

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