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Koree -> Rapacious ElBhe (10/17/2010 7:38:06)

Rapacious ElBhe

Also see other ElBhe guests ( źNormal╗, Z, Pitiless, Ferociously Guarding, Truculently Guarding)

Level: 80
Power Level: 80
MP Level: 80
Location: Summon Rapacious ElBhe
Upkeep: 62 MP. If you don't have enough MP, then it leaves.

ATTACK RATE: [100 + CHA/2]%
Rate at -66 CHA: 67%
Rate at 0 CHA: 100%

ATTACK #1 - Claws
Hits: 3
Type: Melee
Element: Light or Darkness (randomly selected)
Damage: 8-25 plus 267% Stats each
BTH: +16 plus Stats each
Rate: 40%

ATTACK #2 - Tackle
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Light or Darkness (randomly selected)
Damage: 23-69 plus 729% Stats each
BTH: +24 plus Stats each
Rate: 40%

ATTACK #3 - Laser Eyes
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Light or Darkness (randomly selected)
Damage: 37-113 plus 1187% Stats each
BTH: +20 plus Stats each
Rate: 20%

Against monster categories "burp", "rodent", "bird", "fish", "mermazon", "milk", "yarn", "catnip", and "cheezburger", the Upkeep Cost is reduced to 42 MP.


Image thanks to balubamboto. Numbers thanks to Lord Barrius. Speech bubble comments from balubamboto, Dariex and Lord Barrius. Messages from Xrai. Corrections thanks to In Media Res.


Starts off as 22-67 damage plus 707% Stats with +20 BTH. All attacks deal 120% damage, to account for the weird elements.

Attack #1 deals 90% damage (total), with -4 BTH and the usual modifiers.
Attack #2 deals 90% damage, with +4 BTH and the usual modifiers.
Attack #3 deals 140% damage.

When triggered, the upkeep cost is multiplied by 0.8, but as a penalty, it's multiplied by 1.2 when not triggered.


When ElBhe enters battle, he makes a speech bubble comment, selecting one from the following pool at random:

  • I'd ask you to take a moment to take in my cuteness, but we'd be here all day.
  • If you're not fighting something edible this time, I'm not interested.
  • I'd better get lots of string and catnip for this.
  • The secret to my cuteness would blow your mind.
  • Have your people called mine yet...?
  • For the last time, NO, I do NOT say "nyah" when I speak.
  • I'll have you know my Common is better than yours, u n00b.
  • If this doesn't get more interesting, I'm going to start cleaning myself.
  • A hairball puts up a better fight than you do...
  • Baby-talk at me and it's the last mistake you'll ever make.
  • I had a theory about string, too. But once you've unraveled it, it's difficult to wrap back up.
  • When I run out of lives, I just borrow someone else's.
  • A cat in a hat? What the heck's up with that?
  • I am just going to sit here and lick my paw. Let me know when the fighting starts.
  • If you put me in a box, I won't be both alive and dead... just annoyed.
  • If you summon me one more time, I'll leave stains on your house rug.
  • Stop messing around. Combat is srs biznus.
  • You called me away from my scratching post. I suppose clawing at [Monster name] will have to do.
  • I feel sorry for the Gatta. Who would want to put up with being even partially humanoid?
  • Awwww, does [Monster name] need a belly scratching too?

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