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Zizzy -> =PG= Has Your Character Been Reset? (10/18/2010 9:35:54)

Has your character been reset to level 1? Has this happened after Friday afternoon when the bug was fixed? Here are some steps to make sure the bug will stop resetting your gameplay:

1) Clear your cache. Make sure you're logged out from both Bladehaven and your masteraccount, and then close and reopen the browser after clearing your cache. The saving bug may still have caused problems for you if this hasn't been done.
2) Stick to just using one web browser. Playing the game in different browsers at different times may cause issues concerning saving your character

If you want your character restored, send an email to masterhelp@battleon.com with your master account name (note: password isn't necessary) and a description of your Bladehaven character (level).
NOTE: This restoration of the character is done manually, and may take some time. Most likely it's going to be quicker if you level up again by yourself.

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