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Lord Barrius -> =Story and Dev= The Horse and the Rat (11/17/2010 17:07:55)

They're more than just members of the Chinese Zodiac! They both play a significant role in this week's release!

When we asked you what you wanted to see more of in 2011, an overwhelming majority begged for the continuation of the Horsemen. The results were so lopsided in its favor that we decided....well, why wait?

A very familiar BURP is leading a new wave of BURPs into the fields to destroy our crops, and worse, the war begins on the eve of the Harvest Festival! But even he does not yet comprehend the mysterious forces that guide his hand in this war. Waiting and hiding in the darkness are a pair of very powerful forces (you know of them as "Horsemen") that seek to ruin the Festival before it even begins! But to what end? And what might happen if the BURP leader were to learn that he was but a pawn in all of this? Log in this week to find out!

This week will be the start of a great many things!

For one, it's the first piece of collaborative work between myself and Falerin. Second, it gets the ball rolling on a number of smaller plots that will continue to link bits and pieces of our material together. There are MUCH bigger connections yet to be made, and you will be blown away by the results! Third, it will introduce the third of the Horsemen, Famine! And if you don't know why I said "third", I suggest replaying the event which led to the defeat of War. And, on a much smaller note, it rewards the "faithful" who actually believed me when I said that a certain feline guest would have a practical use in the foreseeable future. See? I don't lie. It's just that sometimes, I give much less information than necessary. :p

I could reveal more, but I'm afraid it's aaaaaaaaaall a secret. Perhaps you can juice some more information out of Falerin.


Falerin -> RE: =Story and Dev= The Horse and the Rat (11/17/2010 17:24:56)

@His assistant: Juice... I could use a juice actually, cranberry with a twist of lime.... Be a dear won't you...

Where was I dude.... oh yeah... More information... information... There long we plans for a Famine based burp war. I had discussed such with Cyrus well back when War started things but I kind of slotted it aside. Waiting for opportunity to present itself. Then it did in the lovely form of the Harvest Festival...

Oh dear did you think you had saved it with that Germinator business and kept both the Demipower of Fertility and the Demipower of the Harvest in their job for another year. That is what Myrakul Grao promised Vince after all.

Unfortunately... Lore has a tendency to... to.... to... well to be a bloody violent place and not all Demipower's have Lore's overall best interest at heart...

Had he any choice dear Adel would not have acted I am sure... but you see he had no choice and now... and now his poor sister will just have to cope.

That tidbit juicy enough... perhaps not... you would perhaps like greater hints about the work beyond the Harvest Festival that LB and I are working together on...

Well... i will allow this...

My death... was just the beginning...

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