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Jergal -> Dire Black Axe (7/22/2005 20:34:00)

Dire Black Axe

Also see Black Axe.

Level: 65
Price: 12,000 3,117
Sellback: 3,000 9,000 1,558
Location: Class Shops: Berserker / Dracomancer / Knight / Rogue

Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 7-28 9-37
BTH: 0%

Hits: 3
Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 100% Base, 200% Random each
BTH: +2% each
Stat Bonuses: No
Rate: 30%

The Axe of the Black Knight is a dreaded weapon of darkness. Its dark power comes from evil runes, so it has a magic-damage special attack.


New sellback from dc73west. Image from Minion of Poelala. Location from Sora Aeragorn.

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