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George Lowe

Location: Falconreach Idle, We now return you to your show!

Quests given

Shops owned

Falconreach Idle

George Lowe: I do this judging bit from time to time because the snarky wit you get from your run-of-the-mill commentators...
George Lowe: ... just doesn't crush enough souls.
George Lowe: And where else would I get enough tears to mix with my powdered fruit drink? I'll tell you where. Nowhere, Sonny Jim.

George Lowe: I thought you could use a hand with your transition.

George Lowe: Those are... togs? Is that what you call them?
George Lowe: Sounds like someone wanted a dinosaur that could play fetch.
George Lowe: My advice? Get yourself a pack of Labradoodles.
George Lowe: Now THAT'S an animal with a name that'll draw crowds. B+ for effort, though, kiddo.

We now return you to your show

George Lowe: Seems to me a hero destined to save the world has more than enough to do without having to polish beakers and clean up chemicals.
George Lowe: But that's just my take on it.
George Lowe: I'd give you 8.5 stars, but no one in this outfit clued me in on the ratings system.
George Lowe: So all you get is a "Nice moves, champ."

George Lowe: I feel a need to sing about the contents being "under pressure," but this isn't a musical show.
George Lowe: Those things never last and the talent they find to go on them don't even hit has-been status.
George Lowe: They're stuck at never were.
George Lowe: At least your act didn't bomb, sport.

George Lowe: Puns! MORE puns! How do you people STAND it?
George Lowe: George Lowe ANGRY!
George Lowe: George Lowe... SMASH!

George Lowe: You people are crazier than a- a-

George Lowe: Sure, tiger. Whatever you say.
George Lowe: Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go find some new pants.
George Lowe: George Lowe didn't wear ripped jeans when they were in style and he doesn't wear them now.

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