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Lime the Moglin Lime

Location: We now return to your show!, Lim's Weapon Shop (Book 3), Fireworks!

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We now return to your show!

Lime: The Popsprocket gnomes wouldn't lend me a water heater for my demonstration, so I had to finagle one of THESE babies out of Cysero!
Lime: Our agreement's a little hazy, but I think I agreed to build him some steam-powered laser-mounted rocket-orbs.
Lime: Not sure what he'll use THOSE for, but they're sure going to be fun to construct. Flaaaaash BOOM!
Lime: But no matter! Let's get to it!
Lime: The point of this demonstration is to see if a Gnomish Personal Steamtank - possibly the epitome of Gnomish technology -
Lime: ... can turn from a useful armor into a... low-earth orbit ROCKET!
Lime: If you read the manual that comes WITH a GPS, it guarantees that the tank will never explode, never destruct, and will always protect you from harm.
Lime: (IF, that is, you can read the manual. It was originally written in Gnomish, and the translation is AWFUL.)
Lime: I think we're about to see some VERY intriguing results!
Lime: ...

Lim's Weapon Shop (Book 3)

Lime: I need some help gathering supplies for Fireworks! My best friend loves them and I wanted to make some special ones!
Lime: Normally, I'd ask the gnomes but... well, they're not really talking with me after my last experiment.
Lime: I need five of an item to change the color of my fireworks. You get five whichever of item you want, though!
Lime: You can gather Ahzite Ore, Moonglow, Black Pearls, Nautiloid Spikes, or Lightning in a Bottle! I just need five of one of those.


Lime: What did you get, <Character>? I've been working on new rockets for some of my fireworks!

Lime: What did you get, <Character>? I've been working on new rockets for some of my fireworks!

Lime: I'm really excited to see how what you gathered affects the color of my fireworks!


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