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Eukara Vox -> =Story and Dev= Substitutes are... EVIL?! (11/24/2010 16:22:56)

As some of you have already figured out, my second installment to the Truphma series is released and playable. So, those of you who are playing will get a taste of what it is that Eukara Vox must deal with.

These vile creatures are a bane to hers and her mentor's existence. All that she stands for is challenged by these beings. The Truphma appear here, giving you a taste of what they want, desire, need and pursue. Where do they come from? How much trouble can they be? Care to help her teach them a lesson?

And for those of you who think my students are unnatural, sitting there still and quiet, you better believe it. They are doing exactly what they have to. There will be a quiz and paper due later. So, they must observe and learn in order to get a good grade. Better battle bravely and convincingly, or you may be a negative subject in their reports on "Analysis of Adventurer Battle Tactics".

And for those who talked last time about something you hoped you would get, I hope you are happy. Good thing I planned it all along...

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