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Aelthai -> =AQ/WF= Black Friday (11/26/2010 3:39:39)

Welcome to Black Friday!

The following items have been discounted (while supplies last*):

Selected MasterCraft Set items (Nemesis (Nemesis / Deimos / Phobos), Shadow (Shadow / Umbral / Penumbral), Terror (Terror / Grim / Despair / Horror / Dread / Fear / Menace / Dismay / Anxiety), Kindred (Kindred's / Paragon's / Mankind's / Initiate's / Ancestor's / Beast's) series) - all weapons; Nemesis and Terror series armors; Shadow and Kindred series shields: 20% off
Ubear Set (weapon, armor, shield, pet) items: 30% off
Selected Healing Items (Heal spells, Trail Mix, Bora'jee): 40% off
Selected Darkness Items (Shadowbat series spells, Big100K, Wrayth Blade, War's ___ Edge, Scisszard pets): 50% off

For those of you who play WF, some WF items were also discounted:

20% off: Space Rogue
30% off: Comet pets
40% off: Call Medidroid, Medic spells
50% off: Antimatter series spells, Reaper's gunblades, Dark Madder's Staff

*While supplies last means "at least for today, COULD be the entire weekend but get them soon in case it isn't"

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