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Wallo -> Arkridge (1/1/2005 10:11:01)


Price: 12,000 5,235
Sellback: 9,000 2,617
Level: 70
Location: Yulgar's Intermediate Shop

Element: Ice
Type: Melee*
Damage: 7-27 9-36
BTH: 0%

Hits: 2
Element: Ice
Type: Melee*
Damage: 100% Base and 200% Random each
BTH: +20% each
Stat Bonuses: No
Rate: 25%

*The Attack Type (for both the Normal attack and the Special Attack) can be switched between Melee and Magic by clicking on the hilt.

A massive blade of everfrozen steel, the Arkridge slays Fire elementals like no other blade! You can choose whether the blade does melee or magic attack by using the glowing orb on the hilt.

(Note the different hilts.)

New Location Thanks to Asenbesen. Image from Minion of Poelala. Updated sellback from GalenTheKnight. Updated description from DivineBeastLink. Effect from SLC.

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