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xShadowHunterx -> LycanFang (11/30/2010 10:10:31)

We've moved on to other games. Fare thee well.

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (9/23/2012 15:52:12)

Updates as of December 15th 2017

We've moved on to AQ3D, Guild Wars 2, and other games.

Zstrife -> RE: LycanFang (9/23/2012 19:28:01)

I want to join your clan my char page is Zstrife_Dragon oh well i like wolves and stuff and one question what is your clan's main server? :3

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (9/23/2012 19:38:27)

Nythera is our main server, just join the clan site and I'll try to meet up with you to add you to the Guild. I'm online now actually, Shadowcat25 is my username.

The guild officially has 5 slots left, I'll probably buy some more next month.

Bob11th -> RE: LycanFang (9/29/2012 20:16:52)

Can I join your guild?

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (9/30/2012 10:27:50)

Yea sure, (weird that I didn't see this post as much as I'm on.) Join the clan forums, and I'll use that to keep in-touch so I can add you in-game.

Bought 3 slots, added two members. One slot left, will add more slots as we go along.

Btw, we currently have 17 members on the in-game guild and am adding more as much as I can. :O If you want updates and information on ranks please check the forums as it has the most up to date information. I hope to have a guild party next month.

The minecraft house building contest will be ending soon, we have 2 entries (one more in-coming). Soon we'll be having an AQW centered contest once I get some ideas, and a video making contest in order to help me search for potential candidates to take over as head clan video editor.

The members list on this page will be updated soon, and the forums will have a new main page. (As soon as I feel like coding it)

Death Reaper 721 -> RE: LycanFang (10/18/2012 6:47:06)

Can I also join? char page is Death Reaper 721

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (10/18/2012 8:28:51)

Of course! Join the forums, and make 2 posts in the Introduce Yourself section of the forum. After those two posts you'll be able to see the rest of the site. (Had to set it up that way to help slow down the amount of spam we're getting.) I'll pm you on the forum once you make an account.

The clan server is Nythera so I'll be at my house for a little bit later if you want to meet up. /goto shadowcat25

HerioGX -> RE: LycanFang (10/29/2012 21:44:21)

May I join this guild please?

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (10/31/2012 7:30:23)

Sure, just join the forums for now to keep in touch. I think all guild slots are full but I'll make an announcement on the website when I get more money for slots.

HerioGX -> RE: LycanFang (10/31/2012 9:11:36)

Did it says waiting for approval :)

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (10/31/2012 9:22:19)

It shouldn't say that, are you on You should be able to see an introduce yourself section?

HerioGX -> RE: LycanFang (10/31/2012 13:20:03)

Nope, is still saying the same thing. I am only shown as guest otherwise. Wierd

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (10/31/2012 13:21:39)

So you're on, you've clicked Register. And you've tried logging in?

HerioGX -> RE: LycanFang (11/1/2012 9:21:11)

yes, I registered and everytime I try logging in I get this pending approval thing.

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (11/1/2012 9:37:21)

That shouldn't be happening, at all. Send me a screenshot of the error, over PMs so I can troubleshoot this. I just made a test account on the forums, and I see no problems. ._." So yea, I'll need a screenshot to figure this out.

HerioGX -> RE: LycanFang (11/1/2012 11:16:24)

so reregistered and it took me to a diffrent page and I am now on the site as a member. kinda wierd.

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (11/1/2012 13:34:14)

Glad you figured it out I guess. >:L

HeavenlyDemon -> RE: LycanFang (11/1/2012 16:32:41)

Can i Join your guild?

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (11/1/2012 16:48:14)


Sure, join the clan forum and I'll let yall know when I have more slots to add you guys in-game. All news and stuff is on the forum though.


The website has a new default theme for November: Morrowind! Enjoy, and let me know if there's an error somewhere.
The Video Maker's group/rank has been revived and updated.
The Member's list has been updated.
Member of the Month will be decided soon.
We'll be having a contest in a week or two. :D

Important Update

Attention to all LycanFang members and potential members. The domain is currently down (not just the clan forums, but itself), the website is currently accessible via the original board link:

I'll keep an eye on the situation, but for further updates check the forums. [8|]

EDIT: Posts have been merged.Please do not double post as it is considered spam.~Theosenia.

gyu4567 -> RE: LycanFang (11/24/2012 3:56:38)

Can I join? And if its full can u give me a rough estimate of how long I have to wait b4 you buy more slots? Thanks.

And can you list all the rules since the website is down?

xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (11/24/2012 7:10:25)

Did you try clicking on the link I posted? The domain name/redirect is what went down not the site itself.

As for the slots I'll try to get some more later on today. Are you online now? If not I'll catch up with you later.


  • November's MOTM has been picked December's will be picked mid-december.
  • 3 Events will be happening in December the currently on-going Secret Santa, a Best Dressed contest, and the Hide 'n Seek contest (which will be taking place in AQW obviously).
  • The monthly theme will be updated soon.

  • xx__Ramon__xx -> RE: LycanFang (11/25/2012 10:51:44)

    SHADOWCAT / XKURUMIX / SHOCK CLAW / XSHADOWHUNTERX! Why didn't you tell me you were in a clan!? D:< I DEMAND DEVINE RETRIBUTION. Ahem, I'm sorry, you owe me a cookie though. <_<"

    xShadowHunterx -> RE: LycanFang (11/25/2012 13:15:01)

    /holds up Oreos
    Sorry those are the only cookies I've got DX

    Anyways sorry, I should probably mention that in my next sig but I thought it looked better textless. XD

    Also, I bought some guild slots there's about 3 left. :D

    Edit: Yay's page two!

    xx__Ramon__xx -> RE: LycanFang (11/25/2012 23:54:27)

    I'd join but I'm having the same problem you had a while back, laptop passed away unfortunately but that's what money is for, to get a new laptop. >_<
    Fur nao ay'll steeck wif mah fone till the laiptawp gats hure, tanks fur deh cukeh doh. Oreos am mah faivouritez. ^-^

    Edit: However, I did register in the clan page like 10 hours ago and introduced myself with a post. :P

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