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Eukara Vox -> =Story and Dev= Truphma World Jumping (12/2/2010 13:08:46)

Ah, the bitter sweet 3rd installment. I say bittersweet because, even though I absolutely love this quest and can't wait for everyone to play it, it is the last one. I have had so much fun writing these quests and presenting them to all of you that I don't want it to end. But, that would be selfish, now, wouldn't it? If I hogged all the spotlight, no one else would get to show off their talents and creativity... thus, making me a Truphma of sorts myself!

Today you are going to get to see what the Truphma are striving to do, what they have done (surprise!) and what they are fully capable of doing to people. You will see what Eukara Vox has to battle in the future. And, you will find out, along with her, what her studies under Master Archanius truly was meant to prepare her for.

I do have things planned for the future, things that I hope I craft in ways that all of you enjoy and appreciate. Thank you all for playing the releases, giving me feedback and expressing your opinions. I have learned a few things this release, that hopefully will be seen in the ones to come.

It has truly been an honour and privilege to write for you. Thank you very much.

On a special note, I want to thank Kaelin and Kiyodai for helping with the spell names. They weren't exactly sure what they were naming, but they were a tremendous help. I had what I wanted and they helped my brain sort out and put words together.

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