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LeoMart -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/4/2011 10:04:46)

@^: Hmmmm, yeah that might help!
@Griffin: You're not the only one doing the sig.

evil doodoo -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/5/2011 3:08:18)

So it's not just me that notices the quality of the releases? And I now realize others notice the amount of players online, on a release day? How long will it take for MQ to drop down to 800 players at its maximum? Perhaps removing the player counter from the website is a rational idea.
Don't get me wrong though, it isn't that I've lost faith in the staff. Far from it. I've lost faith the saviors of MQ. How long will it take for MQ to crumble before anything is done? MQ wasn't born dead. But it hasn't died, either. I still believe, I still hope. The releases this year are surprisingly promising. I suppose the worst of the holidays are over, and now the storyline can continue. Really, MQ is definitely going to have struggles, but success and failure all rests on how the team utilizes their meager resources.
As for improvements, I have four suggestions:
1. Put priorities first. Whether this be the S.O.O.N. list, permanent content, re-balancing, bug-fixing, or revamps, I support all long term investments of time and effort. Holidays this year can wait.
2. The player base can be used as a resource at many times.
3. The storyline needs work. It was great until it hit a tangent, and at that point, the Shadowscythe stopped appearing.
4. Simply lower the amount of EXP needed to reach the previous level cap when increasing it. It seems to be effective in AQW, and solves quite a few major problems.

Blackshock -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/5/2011 7:42:02)

Maybe they should have a player storyline suggestion thread, or atleast a place where the players can submit ideas for future storyline dialog.

den5328954 -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/5/2011 14:01:19)

They need Mechas that have a theme to them such as the Gingerbread Mecha and less mechas that look like SCMMs

forumlogin -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/5/2011 19:44:41)

Why? :P
Some people like themed, some like non-themed.
I happen to like both, but I know a few people who like non-themed.

HailFire -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/6/2011 4:45:24)

Lower the price of Mechas and increase the gold drop.

Add a intreging storyline

Avantir -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/6/2011 20:45:33)

I would like to see new story and non-story content. Not a bunch more weapons. And maybe some new enemies.

Plus more EXP per battle. 50% more would be fine. Preferably double though.

jrobot2 -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/6/2011 21:14:19)

  • More staff on MQ. Korin is the only full timer in the MQ staff. The rest are part timers or volunteers.
  • Work on the S.O.O.N. list and get it over with.
  • Focus on storyline. When was the last time we did something storyline wise?
  • Add higher level stuff in soluna in the job areas. There is very little variety in MQ for free players. Too little, and I'm a star captain saying this.
  • Expand soluna city.

  • icemaster 77 -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/6/2011 22:03:14)

    Avantir: Agree, I want 50% more exp per battles. But a lot of people disagree with me about the idea. Don't know why, but most of them are hardcore players. Also decrease the weapon and mechs price by 32%.

    evil doodoo: I notice it too, but the players online on release days increase by 10%, but we need 5000 players online on release days.

    Kairon -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/7/2011 17:58:24)

    I'd like to see MQ finally break loose of the humanoid mecha schema. I applaud the creativity of the MQ crew in managing to make this single template so varied and versatile, but there is a limit. At some point the similarity between equipment overcomes the minor differences. It's fine if these new mecha are unequippable, as long as they are not a hunk of metal on two metal legs, with two metal arms.

    Fear Scythe -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/7/2011 22:20:20)

    1) increase the MQ team size
    2) releases are soo boring and are small
    3)Focus on storyline quest an other stuff

    Icros -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/10/2011 19:31:25)

    -Put more than one way to exp exp and credit besides completing quest or battling monsters.
    -Maybe introduce a pvp element to it, like ED 1vs1 botton, you could put that button on mechquest or even go a certain area were you can face off other players.
    -Maybe have monthly events, like every month we have like a small chain of quest of a sub storyline or small a war and when you complete the event you get some sort of weapon, mod or mech, when the event is over the prizes are taken away but the quest are made permanent on some npc, and when the sub storyline is finished there is like one final big quest or boss battle that links it to the actual storyline.
    -Bigger releases
    -Make mechquest 3D
    -be able to view mech battles in more than 1 perspective.
    -more planets
    -more quest
    -A super high upgraded version of the newbatron with update appearance.
    -Build around lower leveled players rather than higher leveled players, so give lower leveled players a verietyof weapons and mechs at low prices and give high or cap level players a rediculously op mech which is super expensive so they have to grind to get it.
    -Have pets mechs or companions in battles
    -more developed energy blades system.
    -advertising for more players
    -clans (not refering or including the houses, wolfblade,mystraven, runehawk.)
    -impliment something like the blade of awe in mechquest but keep it for all players not just star captains.
    -Give star captains there own private secret planet and headquarters which a seperate bigger more evolved storyline.
    -more permanent content
    -Make wars more interesting
    -boss fights were you can invite your friends to fight with you

    Thats about all I can think of now though theres no doubt that I will have more suggestions.

    Selutu -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/11/2011 4:27:04)

    We do have monthlies, just not for NSCs. Also I don't think the MQ server can support a 3D game.
    If we have more wars, we'll end up like last year - meaning we'll be BLOODY bored of them.
    We can face off other players in PvP.

    I say first continue with what they're doing right now, since its great. The when they have time maybe make a better advert for MQ in Ballys of AQW/AQ/DF. Only after that go on to other things.

    Icros -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/11/2011 10:37:39)

    I didn't mean monthly mechs, I meant monthly quests for all players.
    Though maybe if we introduce a 3D mechquest as a seperate or side game.
    Maybe not wars, though when we do have wars we should have something else than battleling endlessmechs like the mini games somewars already have.
    And I meant actual, real pvp not assualt mecha were you face off with AI.

    stealthwings -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/11/2011 15:39:41)

    Replying to your long list of suggestions.
    1. This is already here, lots of minigames give them.
    2. Not compatible with the MQ engine
    3. Would probably take a lot of staff time.
    4. Not enough staff.
    5. There is probably a very strong reason against this, I do not know what it is though. Right now, it would require way too much work for the staff to do, I do not know why the staff did not start it off in 3D though.
    6. Would require lots of work, then they would have to make another different animation for each angle.
    7. They are doing that
    8. They are doing that.
    9. Exists, there have been many newbatron series spin-offs. Most of them rares though.
    10. Would worsen the power difference.
    11. Would probably require a lot of staff work, I do not know though.
    12. They are working on that.
    13. Wait, what?
    14. Are there, just not in-game. If you mean anything involving player interaction, it is probably impossible with MQs engine.
    15. Don't know enough about the AQ BoA.
    16. NSCs would complain about the lack of releases while they were doing this.
    17. They are doing this.
    18. Suggestions on how?
    19. Currently there are no multi-person battles, which would probably require a lot of staff work to put in, which would be required to do that. If you mean like in AQW, that is impossible with MQs engine. If you mean like in DF, it would still require battles with more than 2 people.

    Icros -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/11/2011 16:47:46)

    Well this is a tough one lol.
    So maybe some of my ideas are a little far fetched like 3D mechquest. And the stuff that is possible is obviously going to take a lot of work, however most of these ideas are just random thughts in my head.
    Though I just want explain that even though they have a small amount of staff doesn't mean that they can't do some of the things I mentioned, I'm pretty sure the MQ staff is not the biggest, but the most skilled which means they are highly capable, so I think the last thing they want us to be is concerned on the little amount of staff they have. -Just my opinion, I appreciate the MQ staff.

    So multi person battles may take a while with the counter balancing, like DF its the same principal for mechquest. Though with the actual player interaction is not impossible, but it will take really really long to do, since all AE games run on flash I'm pretty sure they can work something out.
    Like the majority of things on my list is not impossible, but it will take TIME and PATIENCE to do...

    The different perspective thing could be for boss battles only.

    And...I'm too lazy to type anything right now...

    stealthwings -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/12/2011 12:18:46)

    They did say that multi-player interaction was impossible. To do it, they would have to make a completely different game, and then give it MQs weapons and quests and things, and then call it MQ.

    Icros -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/12/2011 13:58:59)

    Well if they said that then I guess its not a possibility anymore.

    josh_et -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (2/14/2011 8:59:16)

    Probably they should:
    -give rewards (gold, random weapons, item, etc.) for leveling up.
    -put level requirements for quests. This would encourage people to level up. For those who do not reach requirement, give them alternate quests.
    -provide lots of places (asteroids, another city on the same planet, etc.) to fight and get random items like DF.
    -categorise inventories. That is to say something like, you can keep up to 20 misc. items(badges, quest items or keys, etc.), 5 energy blades, 30 mechas, 30 mecha weapons, etc.
    -inter-game benefits(aside from Verified items). e.g. You play Dragonfable, you get items on Mechquest or AQ and vice versa OR you get extra starting gold OR etc.
    -(said and promised)better energy blade fight system! Also, I would like to add that the MQ team might want to sell items that boost human HP or EP like armour. and provide a separate leveling system for character.
    -keyboard controls. Instead of using only the mouse, MQ may utilise the keyboard to control fights and movements.
    -better and varied sounds. MQ's current collection of sound effects are good but can be made better and clearer.
    And oh BTW, I object that SCMM should be made non-rare. They should pull players to upgrade to SCs.

    BumFoolingGuy -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (2/28/2011 1:58:23)

    For new players, a idea would be a review of what's a war(in game), a review story/comic of the first shadowscythe war

    A some-what cut-scene that uses/view the first few ShadowScythe enemies in display of the first shadowcythe war

    icemaster 77 -> RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It? (3/2/2011 19:46:38)

    Viliant Viking: Oh that game Ninja Saga, the company abandoned their first game Rival Sage to make Ninja Saga.

    I don't think multi player pvp and clan wars(not G.E.A.R.S games) isn't a good since it will cost a lot of money to make that. But the staff can make people who fight anyone in player vs computer control player get trophys to get items.

    eragonshadeslayer67 -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (3/3/2011 0:12:56)

    it's easy, let the staff spend more time on this game instead of AQW, and maybe take away a bit from DF too (AQ already has fixit quests) and go full out for this game, because I don't hope that MQ will become a game like WF where no one's on there (literally) [>:] it's a great game but ya' know........... sooner or later u run outta interest, right now it's sooner

    LeoMart -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (3/3/2011 11:06:20)

    Most players i know (Talking about my friends that used to play it) stopped playing because the storyline at some point started getting too hard for them to play so because they couldn't progress in the storyline the stopped playing as they thought there was nothing to do and that it was a boring game. I'm talking about the Planet Lagos part where you have find Crow's Nook with a boat. If they could make that place easier or remove that quest and put a simplier quest there instead i'm sure that the amount of MQ players that will be dropping will reduce. Just my opinion.

    CHAIML -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (3/3/2011 11:58:07)

    The problem is that MQs

    section is so big that they need to work on old problems before they can do new stuff.

    PD -> RE: MechQuest: Improvement and Brainstorming (3/5/2011 14:35:02)

    For the Balance problems, we could try calculating the true point values behind things. Something like this:

    Then we can determine if something is Overpowered or Underpowered by how much point value it has (or how little it has).

    Note: It's not done yet, and I still need to get the Stat Values for things since they're not equal in value.

    I still also need to cover Purge and Effect Overrides

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