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Maegwyn -> RE: =MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas (12/9/2010 13:49:27)

Getting close to the wire where final decisions need finalizing, so I'll leave the thread open for just a little longer before locking it. Probably will stop taking input around 2:30-ish server time unless I get distracted/too busy.

Couple more decisions regarding rares:
  • We have decided that as the Eagle is off-limits, the Raider is as well. So AvP mechas are not going to be in this shop.
  • For this shop, the Crystal Asteroid rares will not be included.

    Maybes, regarding rares:
  • Tiny selection of the AvP weapons. Possibly NG-only, and definitely not higher-level versions.
  • Satellites ("orbitals") - if included, will be the original levels - no new levels.

    Re-releasing rares is really a tricky proposition - IF any rares are re-released for this one-day shop, expect only one or two rare items to make this one-day comeback.

    Looking over and sorting out the desired mechas & weapons.
    I don't want to say anything for sure yet, but there should be a nice selection of reduced-price mechas and weapons from what you've listed, and while I won't be able to do a whole lot of new levels for the reduced-price shop, I'm making a list of things you're eager to get higher-level versions of. Just to add to the, y'know... S.O.O.N. List [8|]

    I'm seeing a lot of misconceptions so let me try to clear some of this up:
    Making higher levels of selected non-rare items and/or mechas, IF it happens, will be limited to just a few. Those will get the reduced prices for one day and then go to normal pricing and the normal shop where their counterparts are.
    Price cuts on selected items are for one day.
    This one day shop is not going to be full of re-mastered, re-vamped, revived, rare, re-releases. It's a reduced-price shop.

    I don't want to hear all kinds of disappointments when the shop opens because of people expecting things that we did not say were happening - I'm trying to avoid that! I've probably repeated myself...

  • Lord Athor -> RE: =MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas (12/9/2010 13:52:04)

    I'd love to see some old weapons get a second lease on life (i.e. higher levels all the way up to current level cap or close to it):

    The (Void, other names for other levels) Tri-barrels
    The Uber Shadow Gatlings
    The Dark Shredder

    Really, I'd love to see most of the ShadowScythe weapons from the old days again....

    EDIT: And, of course, the good old HammerHead series of mechas [;)]

    EinhanderX01 -> RE: =MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas (12/9/2010 14:35:04)

    Well, that really limits my choices down to upgrading 2 of my character's older NG-equipment to new ones... Though at least getting the old Satellite Orbitals again just for nostalgia reasons is some consolation.

    But it's the Staff's decision, and I will not argue it.

    Also added the additional "Not Going to be Re-Sold" list and the "Maybe" list to the 1st post.

    ZamuelNow -> RE: =MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas (12/9/2010 14:42:17)

    Rares as a whole are... *tries to think of a proper word* ...bothersome. However, I'm glad you're keeping communication open so we know what's going on.

    Maegwyn -> RE: =MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas (12/9/2010 16:00:51)

    I am going to lock this one regarding the (weird color) day sale, because now it's crunch time and I don't want people to think I'm / we're still taking input.

    If you still want to talk about the topic, feel free to make a new thread. FAQ-ing this one so it doesn't get eaten by mistake while we still need it [:)]

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