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Omni -> =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 16:33:33)

Feel free to post your HeroSmash Related Art, Screenshots and video's and discuss them! Art is not limited to just drawings, post your poetry, Hero smash inspired music pieces, or anything art and HS related you would like to share with the forum.

Keep in mind all of the forum rules, but especially that any and all links/pictures deemed inappropriate will be removed and warnings will be give out as needed. Criticism should be constructive and any flaming/trolling will be deleted and warning will be handed out accordingly.

~Credit to Ricky for being the first to suggest it!

Rickyb20 -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 17:17:14)

Thanks Omni! =D

If anybody is wondering, here is what my character looks like. His look is epic IMO.


marik mace -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 18:06:50)

Here ish me ~ http://i770.photobucket.com/albums/xx350/marikmace/SwordtailHS.png

mrguyman -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 18:21:22)

Here I am
(I'm seriously using this look xD)

Nodoudt -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 18:28:43)

Here are some pictures of my sillier moments on HeroSmash. Namely the first day of Alpha, since we all know there are lolz-a-plenty then! :D

Alright, well the story behind this first one was when I was in Battleon-1. I was lucky enough to pop in there right after making my hero! x3
So here we all are, milling about and Marshal Artix shows up! o3o So for the next 10 minutes or so, everyone is shooting questions off like it's the O.K. Corral.

Then the all important question hits me, "What if any of the heroes playing this game are allergic to spandex??"

And hilariously enough, Artix thought it'd be a good idea to ask everyone...although the only response from the people was "I can only use Canned Chat." D:

Picture 1

Of course, we were in luck, thanks to our resident mad scientist Dr. Voltabolt! xD WE WILL FIND A CURE MY FELLOW HEROES! >:D

(I myself am allergic, so I'm left wearing...erm...actually, we won't get into that. <__<)

Picture 2

Now this here happened when I asked Devilra if they had their own theme song, because I mean, what's a Hero without one? o-o
So after a rather lovely sampling of the ditty, Devilra managed to grab a hold of Llussion.

(I had my dog listen to his theme song, and I know she approves! :D)

Picture 3

And lastly is a picture of my most recent look. xD Crazy how much it can change in two days, but Villains can be pretty picky about outfits. >;D

Picture 4

Anyhow, that's my share of screens! Thanks for looking! :3

Oh! And an epicly epic shout-out to the epicly epic Tian Wan you see in the screens, cause they were the only person who thought I was legit Villain material! xDD

Hogo -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 18:31:45)

I sent a postcard home to my mom at the south pole, I have a copy you can see. Postcard

Tokijin -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 18:33:47)

My very first screenshot taken in HeroSmash, there will be many more to come. Also, Xyo was there, in mostly pink!

Heroes and Villains at peace (for now) ;P

Tribal_bob -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 19:42:58)

Hanging out alone at the Pizza shop :P

Whats this?!?! A new NPC? :D

ClaytonPoweredUp -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/9/2010 20:21:00)

I met Slim Shady! XD
Slim Shady

primalvoldo -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 0:52:07)

This was not edited at all check it out Both 100%

Xyrho23 -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 2:58:31)

This is me !

If Artix let me to change my name for the last time to a 3 Letter it would be Zyo =)

notagoodname -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 3:19:18)

Level 10! Halo!

Acient J -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 6:29:38)

Not a member, but I still made my character, the Acient One, Mad Scientist of Good!

bluelotus56 -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 7:52:09)


Totally keeping this villain look.

Digital X -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 8:02:56)

Extreme balancing skills!

Nope, not really just hovering atop the spike, that's balancing.. *nodnod*

Hogo -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 9:46:15)

I met a powerpuff girl! I am such a fan!! *drool* hehehe, where's MoJo JoJo?
Fan Pic

RockUrsocks -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 9:58:08)


hehe AlphaTest FTW

Addi -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 10:00:02)

Isn't this a little bit too much copy of AQW?

I am not flying. If you look closley you'll see that I'm giant and sitting on the housetop

Saw Ghostie (Ghost)

Trible Claw

Enjoy the picture I've picked up for you, mate.

Nebula -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 13:21:03)

Me in Herosmash. :D


Decided to show my inventory. Not got much in it, saving up gold for expensive stuff. :D

alexjones50 -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 13:42:15)

and here's me


how do I look?

PallyKnight -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 13:50:32)

This is my character. OVERCAST!


:) Epic , right?

Also made a epic siggy :)

rephay -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 14:12:35)

This is the character that I will use during Alpha: CLICK I didn't customize my character at the beginning of the game thats why I barley have any items equipped

And this is the character that I will be using during Beta: CLICK for some reason you can't see the weapon and my eyebrows changed colour...

Mortarion -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 14:24:33)


how do I look?
you look good[:D], almost hypnotizing, care to explain your powers in character discussion

Doomnova -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 15:43:30)

My HS character. Too bad i can't play ingame. :[8D]

Daybreaker -> RE: =HS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (12/10/2010 15:53:22)

Here's my character: The Daybreaker!
Despite his appearance, he's a hero.

And here's something which I'm not sure is a glitch, but is funny anyhow: Sentient Door

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