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Location: Falconsnest, Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Down Right -> Enter the theater, Interview

Quests Given
Falconreach Idle!
We now return to your show!

Shops Owned

Falconreach Theater

Zevox: Greetings, <Class>, and welcome to the luminous Theater Celebritay! Where EVERYONE has a chance to shine!

  • Refreshments - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Behind the Scenes Info
    Zevox: Welcome to The Making of Falconreach Idle, with your host, ME, Zevox, TheaterMaster Extraordinaire!
    Zevox: George Lowe and staff members Cysero and Lim all voiced their own NPCs.
    Zevox: Serenity, the character, was voiced by Alina while Lime the moglin was voiced by Nythera!
    Zevox: Artix voiced himself in the commercial between acts 1 and 2!
    Zevox: You might have some questions about your opponents, too. I can answer that!
    Zevox: When we use your character in a cutscene, we have to have a character model stand-in for you during the animation.
    Zevox: When DragonFable first started, that stand-in was Mr. Guy. (I love his name, don't you?)
    Zevox: As the game grew more advanced, so did Mr. Guy. He finally got a total overhaul and became his alter-ego, Mr. Green Guy.
    Zevox: Mr. Green Guy can do a bunch of cool things that you, the player, never see but which makes him REALLY useful in cutscenes!
    Zevox: Mr. Test Guy is used to make sure we have the monster scaling right when drawing and animating monsters.
    Zevox: If a sneevil were taller than YOU, it wouldn't look right! (Or fit into its boxes.)
    Zevox: Regardless of how the Guys are used, they're ALL your stunt-men, standing in for you until we're ready to have you play your own part!

  • On with the Show!

    Zevox: Ladiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies aaaaaaaaand gentlemen!
    Zevox: You've been waiting for him, but here he finally is!

    Zevox: Give a big hand for Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir Stephan!


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