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Peachii -> Verteroche Crossing (12/17/2010 20:15:25)

Verteroche Crossing

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Verteroche Crossing -> Take me there!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 17th, 2010

Quests Available
Escort From Verteroche
Escort to Dragesvard
Old Scrolls


Lauren's Clothing Shop
Lovely Time Shop
Marlon's Book Shop


Dahari: 'Ey dere. Welcome to Verteroche Crossing, mon ami.

Lauren's Clothing Shop

Lauren: Allo! What can I do for vous?

<Character>: Hi. What exactly do you sell here?
Lauren: *shocked* What? Zis is only ze most famous clothing boutique in ze land!
<Character>: Oh.
Ralph: *sigh* *(I suppose that ze likes of zis one might not 'ave 'eard of us.)*

<Character>: I'd like to take a look at the clothing you have for sale, please.
Ralph: Hmph, yes I suppose that she would. Look at zese hideous rags she is wearing.
Lauren: Umph, please forgive my assistant. 'e is a bit of a.. 'ow you say? A jerk.
Lauren: Just let me know when you are finished wis'ze merchandise.


Aalis: Hi! Bonjour! You muz' be new 'ere.


Maurice: 'Ey what? Come on and leave moi in peace. Vas!
Maurice: Oh, actually.. Do you 'appen to 'ave somezing to read?
Maurice: ...
Maurice: ..Allo?


<Character>: Hello!
Faramonde: What.
<Character>: Um...
Faramonde: I'm a busy man. Either you're here to work or you're here to waste my time. If it's the latter, then you can just go now.

Faramonde: I don't have time to waste. There are bandits all over the roads and I need to make sure my caravans arrive. Cargo intact.

Faramonde: Are you up to the task, <Class>? I have a caravan ready to go now.

Aurelle: Come on, Jaques. You have been tying zis bag for long time!

Unguard: Dere is so many bandits on le road zese days.

To open locked door you need to pick the lock:

Wiggle - Nick - Nick - Jab - Wiggle - Tap

Inside there is a chest with Ham n Turkey sammich

Sleepy Goblin Inn

Marlon: Eh, so you look like you might juz be ze adventurer I'm looking for, eh?
<Character>: Oh?
Marlon: Oui. I 'ave zis book, you see? It has been in my family for a long time, and it is probably worth some gold.
Marlon: However, I have no use for zis book. It is.. a little boring. But to the right person I am sure it would be an excellent read.
Marlon: What do you say, eh?

Elene: Allo! Welcome to ze Sleepy Goblin Inn & Tavern. You muz' be weary from travelling. Would you like a room for ze night?

If you're trying to go to the second floor via the stairs:
Elene: Pardon, the second floor is for patrons only.

Glenn's Chartering

Leanie: Welcome to Glenn's Chartering service. Would you like a complementary honeyed fried frog leg?

  • Eww, no.
    <Character>: Um, no thank you.
    Leanie: Ok, suit yourself.

  • Sure!
    <Character>: Yum! I sure do!
    Leanie: Oh, actually we're all out. Wow nobody's ever said yes before. Hah.

  • Talk
    <Character>: So, this is the same sea that Falconreach is connected to, right?
    Leanie: Yep. It is... And there are quite a few interesting fishing spots out there, as well as a couple places only accessible by boat.
    <Character>: ...Really? Ok, I'll bite. What's out there?
    Leanie: Oh... let's see. Siren's Anchorage, Isle of Vraaxis, and Ironcliff to name a few

    • Let's go! / Charter?
      <Character>: Oh wow, my adventure sense is off the charts! So, when can we leave?
      Leanie: Glenn is actually out deep sea fishing at the moment. But, if you stop in when he gets back we'll be able to take you out there.
      Leanie: For a price, of course. *grin*

  • CulinExtraordinary!
    Leanie: Welcome <Character>! Good to have you here! I hope you're hungry! I was about to prepare a famous Verteroche dish!
    Leanie: However I need a few ingredients to prepare everything. Could you get me the following ingredients?
    Leanie: Flames of fire elementals, legs of frogzards, leafs of seedspitters, slime of slimes and...
    Leanie: ... one BIG Enormescargot, the small ones just won't do!
    <Character>: .....
    Leanie: Are you ok? You look a little green.
    • I'm fine! Let's do this! - Begins quest.
    • Gross, no! I'll be back... later.


    Cronix: Ah, <Character>, we meet again... or have we even met yet?
    Cronix: No matter, I've come to watch the sunset on the waters of the Bay... and I have some new items you might be interested in.

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