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Location: Verteroche Crossing -> Caravan

Quests given
Escort From Verteroche
Escort to Dragesvard
Old Scrolls

Shops owned


Faramonde: What.
Faramonde: I'm a busy man. Either you're here to work or you're here to waste my time. If it's the latter, then you can just go now.

Faramonde: I don't have time to waste. There are bandits all over the roads and I need to make sure my caravans arrive. Cargo intact.

Faramonde: Are you up to the task, <Class>? I have a caravan ready to go now.

Escort From Verteroche

Faramonde: Willowshire is in shambles. The town ablaze.
Faramonde: I have a shipment of medical supplies as well as something vitally important for Guardian Fortuna there.
Faramonde: I need you to protect my caravan not only from bandits but from the green dragon, Gorgok's, minions.
Faramonde: Oh. Whatever else you do, do not give my horse to the Guardian's in Willowshire.
Faramonde: I need it to get supplies back and forth, not end up in the belly of a dragon....

Escort to Dragesvard

Faramonde: Dragesvard lies further to the north, on the other side of an ice-rimmed lake.
Faramonde: I have a supply of furs and fresh produce that need to get to the town and no boat to get it there.
Faramonde: The load is much too heavy for one of Vorst's gryphon's to fly over... *grumbles* or so he claims....
Faramonde: The caravaner has been outfitted to protect the supplies, but needs an escort across... the only available route.

Old Scrolls

Faramonde: The caravaner has been detained outside of Swordhaven.
Faramonde: I run a clean business and don't have the time or patience to deal with these trumped up charges.
Faramonde: Head to Swordhaven and convince the officer to let you escort the caravaner inside.
Faramonde: And be discrete. I don't want to create any issues with this client. It's a very important delivery.

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