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Location: Verteroche Crossing -> Enter house with a hat and belt sign

Quests given
Song of the Worms

Shops owned
Lauren's Clothing Shop

Lauren: Allo! What can I do for vous?

  • Quest!
    Lauren: Allo, 'ero! Vous 'ave arrived at ze right moment!
    Lauren: Vous see... ze clothes I make are made using ze finest silk and I ran out.
    Lauren: Zis silk is spun by a particular kind of jungle worm zat only spins ze silk when it is listening to certain sweet melodies!
    Lauren: I 'ave a music box with ze right melody, but I can't leave my store unattended... (And I don't want Ralph to be in charge...)
    Lauren: Could vous be kind to 'elp? (Vous might also need to be ze silk out of zem)
  • Talk
    Lauren: *shocked* What? Zis is only ze most famous clothing boutique in ze land!

  • Shop
    Lauren: Umph, please forgive my assistant. 'e is a bit of a.. 'ow you say? A jerk.
    Lauren: Just let me know when you are finished wis'ze merchandise.


    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for image and corrections.

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