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Aelthai -> =Story= The Great Zard Hunt (1/6/2011 23:19:07)

This probably should have gone up yesterday.
Only I thought that yesterday was the day before yesterday. Posting it with more than a day to go didn't seem right ... ...

I really do need to get this linear time thing down. It keeps tripping me up.


With the last Zard War, we released most of the winners of the Zard Suggestions Contest ... but there were some that just didn't fit.

At the same time, Hans has been tripping over his feet about Aria for quite a while.

Lyra and I had just finished a quest, and were contemplating what to do next (well, actually, we were throwing around crazy ideas with wild abandon - you don't want to see what *didn't* make the cut!), when we realized that these two facts made a quest.


From there, this quest nearly wrote itself - it flew together quickly and here it is!

Oh, I should probably mention: Zephyros is working on the disappearing cursor and the issues with the net minigame. It's about to go up (if it isn't already)!

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