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Special Edition Linking Logs Z

Also see Reused Linking Logs, Original Linking Logs, Quality Linking Logs, Deluxe Linking Logs, Special Edition Linking Logs

Location: Frostval 2010: Gift Delivery
Element: Earth
Type	Z
Level	118
PowLvl	128

Price	3780
S <48h	3402
  >48h	945
Melee	+16
Ranged	+16
Magic	+10

Fire	+5
Earth	-24
These interlocking logs form a barrier that's sturdier than it looks, offering superior Earth, Melee and Ranged defenses! As impenetrable as the Special Edition Linking Logs shield.


Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Numbers thanks to Aelthai.


January 1, 2011: The shield was released.
January 15, 2011: The shield became rare.
June 15, 2017: Price and sellback were swept. Old values were:
Price	9800
S <48h	8820
  >48h	4900

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