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Location: The Map Room, Race to the Key Orb

Quests given

Shops owned

The Map Room

???: *SSCRRREEEEEEEEE* Handle me? Handle ME?!
???: What are you doin here?!
Salad: Salad.
Salad: *sniff* *sniff* Is that what I think it is?
???: IT IS!!!

*Salad grabs the looped fruit with his tongue and eats it*

Salad: Om NOM NOM...
Salad: Mmm.. Just like Fae used to make!
Salad: Hey, why you messing with my toys?
Salad: Oh. Yeah.. They tend to do that.
Salad: Fae is Fae. But.. sometimes she's not. GAH! Look at this mess you guys made... It is going to take me forever to clean this up...
Salad: *SCRREEEEE* No, why did you even put it on the thingie anyways?
Salad: That was fluke.
Salad: *SCRREEEEE* GAH! JUST LEAVE! I'll tell you where she is, just get out of here so I can fix all the stuff you broke!!!

Race to the Key Orb

Salad: Yes, Fae went through here years ago.
Salad: Sweet girl, but a little strange...
Salad: Last I heard she was in the northern part of Surewould Forest.
Salad: They're playing a game.
Salad: It's called "Run around in circles until you get dizzy and fall off the table".
Salad: Yar?
Salad: No!
Salad: No! Salad I say NO!
Salad: BAD fruit.

Salad: BAAAAD fruit.


Thanks to Voodoo Master for correction.

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