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Aelthai -> =Dev= Freezing Update (1/17/2011 23:21:04)

Hi there everyone!

It's been quite the weekend hasn't it? Four new monsters in the Void ... on top of whatever you've been doing in your real life! (Yes, I'm counting Monday as part of the weekend; it's a holiday in the US, even though not everyone gets it.)

Well, on top of that, I have some Sweep progress to report. We've finally managed to hunt down all of the places that were using the old Freeze (I hope!), and pull them into using the modern Freeze. Many (though certainly not all!) of them were updated to the current Post-Sweep numbers at the same time.

The list of those updated is:
  • Wizard Robes (Level 8 ability on all non-pyromancer variants) - the ability was updated to be fully Level 62, but the rest of the armor was not touched.
  • Ice Katana Series (Ice Katana, Ultra Ice Katana, (Magic) Elite Ice Katana) - Completely swept and three new variants (Magic Ice Katana, Enhanced Ice Katana, and Magic Enhanced Ice Katana) were added
  • Mogleets - Completely swept, they also attack (and attempt to freeze) a lot more often now!
  • Time Spines Series - Completely updated (including the Paralyze), and in celebration we're releasing them back into Jagged Peaks!
  • Phobos/Deimos/Nemesis Set (full set bonus) - Only swapped to the New Freeze, major updates will be when the Set is swept
  • Glacial Short Staff (Chilling Bite spell) - Completely updated - and some pretty major changes (including a new 'Mana Recovery' option)
  • Terror spell (Lich armor from the Necromancer class) - Only swapped to the New Freeze, major updates will be when Necromancer is updated

    For those of you who have been wondering, yes, this is partly because of the feedback on Pi'ros; I was going to work on *something* this weekend (I need the practice), and this got pushed to the top of the list. It's been needing fixing for a very, very long time ...

    I know some of you will be upset at the changes; some of them were needed simply because of how very imbalanced they were, and that makes them extraordinarily useful. With that said, please give the items a try; we've tried to keep the items useful while setting them to the current standards and keeping the original flavor as much as possible.

    I'll put the new stats in Info Submission momentarily; I didn't want to clutter this post with them, but they should be available ASAP for those of you who want to see them.

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