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Magic Ice Katana

Also see other Ice Katanas ( Melee, Magic, Enhanced, Enhanced Magic, Elite, Magic Elite, Ultra).

Level: 50
Gold: 8,600 672
Sellback: 4,300 336
Location: Frostvale Village Shop; Glacius Clan Shop

Element: Ice
Type: Magic
Damage: 7-19
BTH: 6

Hits: 1
Element: Ice
Type: Magic
Damage: 248% Base and Random
Stats: No normal stats; 173% Lucky Strike damage
BtH: +31
Rate: 25%
Effect: If the hit connects, then it attempts to Freeze the monster for one round*. Ice-element monsters are immune to this. The monster gets a bonus to its save equal to 25 - (ItsIceResistance-100)/10**:
    Level: 50 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: 120 vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
*Your foe is frozen!
**Your foe resists the chill!

All normal player attacks gain +2 BTH, but deal *85/87 damage.

The Ice Katana-- designed by Clay, forged by Yulgar, and given magical might by Warlic! This weapon has a rare but powerful special that can freeze your enemy if it hits!


Image thanks to Trans21.

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