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Guardian BirdBunny

«Accurate Wind pet for non-Beastmasters.»

Also see BirdBunny and BirdBunny Z

Level: 110
Power Level: 113
CHA Level: 112
Price: 137,298 169,277
Sellback: 68,649 84,638
Location: Great Zard Hunt!

Element: Wind
Training Difficulty: -66

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 11-34 plus 232.5% Stats each
BTH: 30 plus Stats each

Aria and Hans have brought more of these fuzzy blue critters back from the wild, and now they're looking for good homes!
Basic CHA 0; Recommended CHA 0


Numbers thanks to Vivi. Image thanks to RasLuine. Correction thanks to Crugar.


Starts off as a "non-Beastmaster pet" attack, which is 23-70 plus 476% Stats, with 28 BTH.
  • The attack gains +2 BTH, but deals *85/87 damage.
  • Since there are two hits, each hit deals 50% damage.
Do note that this pet was created when pets were categorized into Beastmaster and non-Beastmaster pets; this is no longer the case for newer pets. As such, the pet has lower Stat damage than what you would get from new pets, although players who do not have any CHA shouldn't see any difference.

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