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Absolute Zero Spines

Also see other Spines ( Cold Steel, Electro-Spines, Winter Edge, Static Charge, Brittle Marrow, Neuro Shock, Frozen Time, Synapse Jolt, Absolute Zero Z, Absolute Zero).

Level: 128
Power Level: 128
Price: 786,750 2,215,208
Sellback: 393,375 1,107,604
Location: Jagged Peaks

Type: Melee
Element: Ice
Damage: 19-38
BTH: 16

Hits: 3
Type: Ranged
Element: Ice
Damage: 263.9% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 182.7% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +51
Rate: 20%
Effect: If at least one hit connects, then the weapon attempts to Freeze* the monster, or Paralyse the monster instead if the monster is immune to the freeze. Ice-element monsters are immune to the freeze, and Energy-element monsters are immune to the paralysis. Regardless of which status, the monster gets a bonus to its** save equal to 25 - (ItsIceResistance-100)/10:
    Level: 128 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: 200 vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
*Your foe is frozen!
**Your foe resists the chill!
Your foe is paralyzed!
Your foe cannot be paralyzed.
Your foe shakes off the shock!

All normal player attacks deal *85/82 damage, but take -3 BTH.

This Drakel-crafted spine weapon is great for close-in combat. This weapon has a chance of freezing OR paralyzing your opponent on its special attack.


Image from ssjgoku5. Numbers thanks to Chii.

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