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Lord GaGa -> Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 9:58:22)

Hi, I have an epic idea here it is:

Once every month there is a Tournament for the ED masterminds.
Participants have to be over commander or higher.
First come first served... The should be a Announcement fourm called "Monthly Tournoment"
If you win you win an achivement. Thease achivments are trophies. You get a slightly different one every tournament.
If you win three of thease you become a Battle Mod.
Battle Mods will have the special ability to use a battle template tester.
They will get a new feture, where they can test out every single armour and weapon as a template. But they cannot use thease templates.
Their names will be red instead of white. As an extra added measure Staff and Admins will NOT be allowed to enter.
Give me your feedback.

Buffy A. Summers -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 10:22:46)


Too Elitest. It Would Leave Out 95%+ Of The Game.

What You Want, You Can Arrange Privately Amongst Friends.

But...An Official Tornament Mode Would Be A Good Feature For All.

I Would Like To Add Though... Your Idea Is Very Creative. I Like The Red Name Battle Mods Thing.

goldslayer1 -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 10:28:24)

no way. commanders and above is basicaly saying only varium players, and it cuts out a HUGE % of the game
and considering how currently ED is broken because everything is so OP that u can only win by luck, i wouldn't bet money on anything.

TurkishIncubus -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 10:30:27)

I want a tournament we can do in groups , team , crew what ever it is .

Xx. Christian .xX -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 10:37:10)

i agree to that but why commander why not make it to everyone

i think i agreed to the mods cuz they r kinda unfair they got almost all the varium and new weps (sorry mods dont delete this post :D)

i agree with the trophies but it should be lvl 32 vs a lvl 32 and no 5 lvls up and 5 lvls down cuz its going to be easy

like this

BOSS-tuna/george lowe
/ \
/ \
/ \
charfade-WARLORD WARLORD-overlord
/ \
hank-HERO HERO-admn 32

this doesnt means the ranks it only means how its gonna happen this are the npcs so

u need to pay 1000 credits not varium so u eont abuse it u can do it once per hour

RandomForumer -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 11:38:27)

How bout a tourney Hero Rank + ? Thats more fair.

IsaiahtheMage -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 11:55:17)

I like the whole idead except the commander part thats like saying only all lvl 30s and plus which would leave about 90% of the people playing the game.It should be for lvls 16 plus and you have to fight the SAME EXACT lvl as yourself no 5 lvls up or down because it be to easy.So a lvl 16 vs a lvl 16 and a lvl 31 vs a 31.

8x -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 12:29:07)

I don't think Epic Duel is ready for live events.

Matgon -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 13:39:56)

Nightwraith said:

Features coming over in the next several weeks:

Event quests!

New Battle Modes including 2vs1 Boss Battles, and Survival mode!

Tournaments for rare prizes!
Much more!

I guess there will be tournaments in the future, huh?

9001WaysToLaugh -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 14:33:35)

comander or higher? So those who are good at the game but don't play as much are left out?

charwelly -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 15:00:03)

Commander and up you serious thats mean alot of good players won't be in it because they are warlord

Mr.Pablo Jr. -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 17:30:15)

A better idea would be Hero and up.

2qazwsxedc -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 21:29:47)

Hero and up is a much better idea because I rarely meet commanders and emperers which means that there aren't a lot of them.

Mr.Pablo Jr. -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 21:45:38)

@Above, Being a Commander myself, I have to say, I meet quite a lot of them and a whole lotta Emperors too...Maybe its my bad luck :/, who knows...

InceptionAE -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/29/2011 22:06:18)

You expect non vars to get 10k wins (commander) when their being owned by us var players.. Besides commander.. Come on, if u said warlord it'd be reasonable. Why? Cuz warlord must have 5k wins and both non vars and var players can reach it. Overall ure idea may need more clarification.. I'm out.

Tyrom -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/30/2011 0:25:46)

I like it but I say Hero, anyone with over 1k wins.

Lord GaGa -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/30/2011 1:37:54)

How about level 27-31, because the majority of good players are between those two levels. There should be a Non varium gatagory, and a varium one.

aqwshadowking14 -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/30/2011 3:06:38)

No, there are pros that don't play much, and this game has a little too much based on luck, so winning is all luck.

diablo452 -> RE: Tournament + Battle Mods (1/30/2011 3:54:55)

If there is to be a Tournaments feature they need to have a few sections (based on rank rather than level)
*battle mod = greed. No good. However i do agree to it but templates only to be used on npcs and make them temporary so you get into the game you'd goto arena you pick up weapons ( free ) and happy testing

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