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8x -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 15:40:11)

@Cookielord12: And what lvls are your 6 accounts?

biz02 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 16:15:58)

Eh, always hoping for the bike, bot or 10k. But ive only gotten the bot on my newb account D: (Its lv 12 bh e.e) and that ticked me off.

Oh well. Gotta keep trying. But every time, theres a lv 32 varium merc, so im just saving my tokens untill im lv 32 to do the arcade. I advise that you do arcade early in the game, its way easier and more balanced.

IsaiahtheMage -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 16:49:01)

Guys everybody knows arcade battle is a waste of tokens I used 4 of my accounts about over 10 times and not one prize except 50 credits ONCE on ONE account what a waste.

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 16:53:35)

i have given up on Arcade for the reason that follows

That reason is Data which i will share(I was told i needed data to prove my point so i got data awhile back not once but twice and on different accs too)
Data for One Winged Angel:
No Prize=75

Data for Max the Dark:
No Prize=22

i spent maybe an hour and half on Max and prolly all day on OWA

also i used to have a 500 fight data table but i seem to of lost it if i find it i will post it

dont give up -> RE: Arcade Battle and Prizes (1/31/2011 17:09:51)

I won an bot and bike and 10 k
its hard to get but yeah bot is awsome and bike

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