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MERCY88 -> MERCY88 had sadly Retired.. (1/31/2011 18:54:09)

Hello friends in EpicDuel I made a choice to retired because of one main thing

EpicDuel had lost my interest.

I had made a video for you all of why I retired with some of my closest friends.

So I'll be uploading the video soon tell me if you want to be in my shoutouts and I'll put you in the description.

Here's the video btw

I will return one day to bring no mercy back, I promise.

Good bye my friends. ;[

Oh yea please read the description and good luck in Ed guys ;]

Mecha Mario -> RE: MERCY88 had sadly Retired.. (1/31/2011 19:04:04)

Goodbye Mercy! You will be miss. :( Can't wait to see you again. :)

Sadly, I have to lock this thread. You may post your goodbye/retirement here instead.

Cinderella -> RE: MERCY88 had sadly Retired.. (1/31/2011 19:04:51)

Please post in the correct topic:

Battle On!

Edit: Mecha! You sniped me!

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