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Riffus Maximus -> Welcome Newcomers! (2/1/2011 12:35:12)


Don't follow the bright lights! Not that you would want to anyway... Our stronghold is known as Castillo Vida Negra, the Castle of Black Life. Our ruling body, the Nocturu High Council rules our clan from their Council chambers.

We are a member of the Paxian Private Forums, a place where any member of any clan can go for a...change of pace (meaning: a place where the moderators can't touch us). There, we have projects and conversations of all sorts that help members of Paxia knowing each other and having fun together.

We also have our own forums, the Nocturu Private Forums, also called the NPFs. Why do we have two? Well, the first isn't really ours, and the second one is secret. Seriously, you can't even see anything on there until you've been approved.

A little note for newcomers: Sometimes, you’ll notice that people will tend to use the terms PFs, PPFs and NPFs. PFs means “Private Forums”, so that means if someone mentions “Igneus PFs (or IPFs)” that’ll mean they are referring to “Igneus Private Forums”. Following the same rule, “NPFs” means Nocturu Private Forums, and “PPFs” means “Paxian Private Forums”.

Here is the link to one of the coolest thing we have: The Temple of Nocturu. Remember how it is said that Nocturu is the clan that prays the most? Well, there is the religious thread.

Now, there are two links you should check out before doing anything. Those are the Nocturu Roll Call and Useful Links. Every Nocturan needs to register on the Roll Call, and the Useful Links thread contains every possible link you could need if you don’t know where to go.

Have fun, and may you be blessed by Darkness.


I've borrowed Moridin's old format and edited a bit myself.

If you have any suggestions of any kind, you are welcome to do so.

.Discipline -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (2/3/2011 13:27:56)

And an extra special welcome to all Nocturans from myself.
If you have any questions about anything to do with the clan, feel free to drop me a message.

- .Discipline, High Revenant of Nocturu

Riffus Maximus -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (2/11/2011 13:46:45)

So how's that new picture I got for the thread? Do you think there could be something better for it?

Sunfyre232 -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (4/14/2011 3:31:44)

So quiet in here... I wonder why...

Maureu -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/18/2011 16:23:17)

Because it's full of death.
I love the new picture, Max. Congrats to you for staying on here so long...I'm not sure if I'm proud or think you're ridiculous.

A hearty welcome and free smoothie to all newcomers, as well.

Riffus Maximus -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/18/2011 16:54:06)

Glad to see you too, welcome back. Just be ridiculously proud of me.

So, what brings you back in these dead parts?

Maureu -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/18/2011 16:59:58)

Boredom, mostly. Out of school, free time, bad weather. I wanted to see if you were still here, if anything had happened to Paxia, if we had people. Seems like we have what, two not counting myself and you? Better than none.

I'm also writing a story about Drell's Kitchen, to keep the legend going. :) Afterwords, I'm going to work on some art for Nocturu. I never did any, but I've attained some skill in it now.

Riffus Maximus -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/19/2011 0:24:18)

That's pretty good. Not much happened to Paxia since you left. Still waiting for an event to come and got over that war. The only things useful we managed to do with that are contests and planning a kind of game when school exams will be over.

Guess who won the contest tournament?

masterwolfie -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/19/2011 5:57:15)

I'm jealous of your castle and I shall proceed into conquering it. Well your kitchen fridge anyway. Stay tuned.

BWNocturne -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/19/2011 8:26:19)

Oho look who showed up! Welcome back, Maureu.

Riffus Maximus -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/19/2011 14:43:10)

It's at your own risk and peril, Wolfie. You don't want to get your arse bitten by an Hungry Burger, no?

Maureu -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (5/20/2011 15:11:53)

Maybe he does. Or maybe Wolfie will do the biting? I'm a bit hungry myself...
...And seriously, Glacius? GLACIUS?? At least now I know what's for lunch.

xDanix -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (6/3/2011 12:22:20)

I dig the castle. :D I wuv smoothies!

Voidrix -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (10/6/2011 21:54:52)

Just a question:

How does someone enter the clan of awesomeness(Nocturu)?

.Discipline -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (10/6/2011 22:00:13)

One must simply travel to the isle of Paxia by going west on the travel map and clicking 'Paxia Clans'. Once upon the fabled isle thou must seek the ancient castle of Nocturu and converse with Noctros. He shall grant you entry to the clan after double checking your loyalty with two important questions.

Once you have joined up please post your character page here so that you may be added to the clan roster.

Sunfyre232 -> RE: Welcome Newcomers! (8/12/2013 1:28:18)

Just checking to see if you guys are still alive. [:D]

Just in case you don't know, Xov and her armies kidnapped all the clan leaders. As of now, Nautica, Lucian and Dynami are still in danger. Our beloved venerable Noctros is safe (for now), but I urge everybody to fight for Paxia.


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