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Welcome to the Useful Links thread. Here, you will find links that will lead to the most important threads we have in Nocturu. If youíre new, take a look a these threads, maybe thatíll help orienting those who are wondering where to post first.

Crucial Links
These are the most important threads in Nocturu. 9/10 times, if you have something important to say/do it will go either in one of these or one of the other categories.

Nocturu Roll Call - If you're new, come here first. You'll be added to the forum roster of Nocturu.

Nocturu High Council XXXIII - This is where the high council decides the future of Nocturu. If you have something to say, want to know what's coming, or just like to be involved in decision-making, this is the place to go.

Nocturu Clan - Signatures/Avatar- Archive - A thread with all the Nocturu signatures and avatars the forumites have made.

The Paxian Forums - A general PF for all of Paxia. Stuff that's not allowed here goes there.
---- Nocturu Sub-Board - Stike Teams, Plans, and all the other army stuff we used to do on these forums got moved here.

Current Events
These are the links to projects and funs stuff going on in Nocturu right now, and the links about extremely important things in other boards. If they look like they're here to stay, they'll get moved to the next section.

Paxia Battle Contest - Want to beat down the other clans in a contest? That's the place to do it.

Paxia Ultimate Conquest #3 - A forum Risk-like game based on the in-game Defense Points System.

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