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Chapter one : My normal life

I stood outside my office building waiting for my wife to stop by and pick me up. My car was in the shop, because just last week, while it was parked outside the local bar, apparently, one of the drunks lost their temper near my car, and well, let's just say it won't run anymore. I work as a co-manager of a software company, or at least, this branch. Anyways, my life, yeah, not so interesting, but---

"Robert!" Called a woman, my wife, in a nearby car. "Hurry up, we've got to pick up John from baseball practice."

"Oh, uh, alright." I said and started for the car. Did I forget to mention my son, John? He's the athlete of the house I suppose. The boy runs track on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plays basketball on Mondays and Fridays, and to top it all off, baseball on the weekends. I, on the other hand, am not the type to do much of anything outside. My wife reached over and unlocked the passenger seat for me. "Thanks." I said and then stepped inside.

"So, how was your day at work, Robert?" She asked, and looked at me through the corner of her eye, trying to stay focused on the road.

"It was great, but we're still having trouble setting up the 813 program, but I'm sure we can solve it." I chuckled. My wife and I tend to go on a first names basis, strange, I will admit, but, my wife feels that recognizing eachothers name better expresses love than nicknames.

Morgan, my wife, slowly pulled into a small parking area just outside of a baseball field. The Shooting Stars, my son's baseball team, were packing up their supplies and ready to head home. Morgan rolled down her window and waved to John in order to signal that it was time to head home.

I opened the car door for John as he came up to the car, hands full of baseball supplies such as his spare uniform and bat. "Hey Mom, hey Dad." He said as he sat down. My son prefers to call us by Mom and Dad, instead of by our real names like his mother, Morgan, wants him to do, at least somebody in our house is normal.

"So, did you score any touch downs?" I asked and took out my cellphone. My cellphone was equipt so that I could still do some of my work while even on the road.

"Touch downs? I was at baseball practice, not football! Hehe, you're losing it old man." He laughed, amused at my lack of sports knowledge.

"Right, baseball, that's what I meant." I said, not really aware of the real world anymore. I was too busy fiddling around with the Project 813 file to care.

"Ah, put away your phone, you're not at work right now, you're here with us, your family." Scolded my wife. She hated seeing me work when John was around. She would always say that if I spent anymore time on that phone than I already do, I'd start seeing things in binary code.

We had now finally arrived back at the house. While my son dashed off to the front door so that he could play his xbox or whatever kids play, I still sat inside the car, jittering my thumbs away at the tiny phone keyboard. My wife was also at the door with John, she was opening the door so that he could get in. Simply another day in my life, a cycle that never ceases to give me severe cases of déjà vu.

After about twenty minutes of sitting in the car, I had finally decided to come on in. Truth be told, I hadn't noticed we had arrived at the house yet until I looked up from my work for a split second.

I took off my coat and hung it on the coat rack by the door, sounds of gunfire and zombie moans could be heard from my sons room, clearly he was playing another one of those little games of his. My stomach rumbled and moaned for food, which is why my first stop in the house, was the kitchen. While searching through the fridge for a quick bite to eat, John happened to walk in.

"Hey, Dad, could I have a friend of mine over for a bit?" He asked casually, his eyes were foggy from playing his video games for too long, probably from earlier today before baseball practice, seeing as how he just got home.

"Eh, sure, which of your little friends is it? Bill? Zane? Luke?" I questioned. I knew most of his friends. Since I work for a software company, most of his video game friends thought I was rather cool.

"Zane." He said. He turned to the phone hanging on the wall, and started dialing his number.

"Ah, Zane." I sighed. Zane was one of his smarter friends, but, the boy never used his brain for much of anything except illegal work on the computer. Zane, was a self proclaimed hacker. I must admit, the kid is good, he even understood almost everything I told him about Project 813's coding. But just the outer shell of the project though, I wouldn't dare leak any real information on the project.

After John had finishedtalking to Zane, he headed back to his room to continue his video game playing until Zane arrived. Which would result in having two zombie bashing, castle crashing, road rashing, video gamers in the house. I then looked over to the living room, which is right beside the kitchen. My wife was standing there looking at me.

"So, what did John want?" She asked. What is it about wifes that always make them so curious about the things going on around them? Eh, whatever, it's not as if I really care.

"Oh, he just wanted to invite his pal, Zane, over here to play." I said and went back to looting the fridge. I managed to round up a healthy looking salad from the things I gathered.

"Oh, that computer guru friend of his?" She said and walked over beside me to grab a can of pepsi from the fridge. I never could understand why she liked pepsi, both John and I agree that Dr.Pepper is far better.

"Yeah, the one that could probably match wits with me when it comes to the technological stuff." I said and then went over to where the utensils are kept and grabbed a fork to eat my salad with. I then preceeded to head on to the table in the living room so that I could sit down, eat, and watch some good old TV. My wife joined me soon after I had sat down.

"You know what, you haven't really ever told me what that little project you and your buddies at the office are working on is. Mind giving me a few details? I know I'm not technically inclinded like you are, but I'm sure I could understand bits and pieces of it. She said and took a sip of her pepsi.

I closed my eyes and thought for a moment. I wanted to pick a way to describe the project the easiest way I could, but, I was having a bit of trouble with translating some of the very technical stuff. But, I decided I'd just cut the description short and leave a few of the more advanced matters out of it. "Well, you see, our project consists of two things. A program, and a vessel. The program is designed to be able to scan objects while moving very quickly, and is also made to understand how to keep the vessel operating when caught in a strong gravitational pull or when subject to extreme pressure. The vessel, is designed to be able to withstand harsh winds, run on a solar panel, and to be able to remain functioning even when in deep space.

She nodded. "So, it's safe to assume that this project of yours is for some type of space thing?" She blinked. She was clearly trying to figure up some kind of sci-fi space mission, because, unlike most ordinary people, she looked interested.

"Right." I said and took a bite out of some of my salad. "But not anything like finding aliens. We're simply sending this vessel to Saturn, one of the gas planets, to further investigate it's structure. We're hoping that the vessel will survive the mission to Saturn, if so, we plan to send it off to Neptune soon after." I stated. The way we got this mission, was through a request by NASA. They had heard of my colleagues and I through online interactions and viewing our website. We've featured many videos of our make-shift, unfunded space based projects before on our websites using pictures and videos. We even launched our own satellite into orbit. Needless to say, we all upgraded to satellite phones.

"Oh." She said, she sounded a bit dissapointed actually. Clearly not the big alien hunter space mission she was hoping for.

I chuckled. "Well, it's not really that interesting to hear about, but, just wait till you see a few of the pictures it sends back. You'll love seeing Saturn, especially Neptune, if it makes it."

And then, at that moment, the doorbell rang. I scooted my chair out from under the table and walked on over to the door to open it for whoever it was outside. Standing there, was my son John's friend, Zane.


"Hello, Mr.Thomas." Said Zane. He had a slight smile on his face, the type of smile you see acquaintances give one another.

"John is in his room again playing games, make yourself at home." I said and shut the door behind him. I then returned back to the living room table to continue my chat with Morgan.

Zane nodded and headed off to John's room. Right before the door shut behind him in John's room though, one could see him take out his laptop from his backpack. His laptop had a giant S on the top of it, which Zane had always said meant Script.

I had just finished up my salad, when both Zane and John had approached me on my way to the kitchen. "Hello boys," I said. "What can I do for you?" I asked them.

John was the first to speak up. "We were just wondering if we could have a peek at that project of yours." He said. As soon as he said that, I knew this was most likely something Zane had asked him to ask me.

"Project 813." Said Zane with a smirk. "I'd just love to see what type of work you're putting into it."

I sighed as I put my salad bowl in the dishwasher. "You kids know that I can't give away information on that project. " I had said and then started for the computer chair over in the other room. "The most I could show you, is the very basic stuff, like what it is meant to do, which I have already done, three times to be exact." I then turned to face the computer, I booted up the home version of my office at work. I had the mouse hovered over the Project 813 folder, but I was waiting for the kids to go along back to John's room.

Both Zane and John gave an annoyed sigh, more so Zane than John, and then departed back to John's room. But, unknown to me, Zane had a plan.

In John's room, Zane took out his laptop and turned it on. John was no expert when it came to electronics, so he didn't know what Zane was doing. Zane, even though he wasn't a proffessional like myself, knew his way around a computer. So, viewing what another computer was doing on a shared connection, was easy enough. Unlike real hackers though, Zane couldn't view what I was doing directly. While it wasn't showing what I was doing directly on his computer, Zane had set his computer to take screen prints of what I was doing on my computer.

Back in the computer room, unaware that I was being watched, I continued reviewing over the codes, adding on more, and emailing my superiors. So, within only twenty minutes, Zane had already collected a fourth of the entire code, and a decent list of all of executive emails. John was too busy playing those games of his to notice. He merely thought Zane was playing something also, like Dungeons and Dragons.

By around eight P.M, Zane was ready to head on home, with lots of stolen data waiting to be read on his computer. "Seeya later, John!" He said and waved as his mom pulled into the driveway. John waved back before heading back inside. Instead of playing video games though, this time, he decided to grab a bite to eat. Like father like son, eh?

While my wife was busy cooking, I decided to head back to the computer. I had grown tired of working on Project 813 though, so instead, I booted up my Facebook page to have a chat with some of my co-workers. We all made facebook pages in order to keep connected online. I checked my buddies list, but it said that no users on my friends list were online. So, my idea of blowing some time on facebook was a no-go. Eventually, I grew tired of doing nothing, so I sat down on the sofa to watch a bit of television.

My wife had already sat down our plates for dinner on the table, so I headed over to the living table once more to eat. She had prepared steak tonight, my favorite, as well as John's. She only moderately liked steak, so she prepared a fairly large salad for herself, much like the one I ate earlier.

Meanwhile, over at Zane's house, he was busy decoding the information he had stolen from me. I must admit, the information is very hard to understand, even for some of my fellow colleagues. Scattered upon Zane's floor were many circuit boards, wires, scraps of metal, and weilding tools. It was clear that he was planning to use the information he had gotten for something, but, the problem is, what exactly will he use it for? The objects are his floor were most likely failed attempts at creating a vessel, like the one we have built back at the office for Project 813.

Anyways, I was done for the day, and so was my family. John was already sound asleep, and Morgan was cleaning up the dishes from dinner. I headed to our room, Morgan and I's room, and changed into some clothes suitable for sleeping in. If I had known everything that happened that day, I'd go to bed furious, but, instead, being ignorant to the events that happened earlier today, I fell soundly asleep.

Matala -> RE: Project 813 (2/2/2011 17:30:48)

Chapter 2: Zane's Project

Well, as most of you know me, I'm Zane, the prodigus hacker. Recently, I had aquired my greatest stolen program ever, Project 813. Sadly, I do not understand it's coding though. Such a program, will need to be reviewed many times before attempting to, well, use it. I dare not risk my life trying to get a hunk of metal to process a code that may overheat it, and well, cause a few, casualties.

Anyways, allow me to shed a bit of light on my current situation. I need to produce my own version of this, Project 813. While the actual Project 813 is out surveying Saturn and Neptune, NASA has been neglecting the fact that anonymous radio signals have been found being blindly shot around. But of course, I can see why they feel that exploration of such a thing is pointless. For you see, not long ago, a similiar occurance had happened, NASA spent millions to fund this project, and, in the end, it turned out to be nothing more than a disturbance emitted from a stray object hovering through space. In fact, this object, also possesses the name of, Space Junk. Which is trash usally found in Earth's obit, this is normally a mash of old satellite that have lost their abilities to function. Anyways, it seems one of them was sending these radio waves still, and, it wasted much of NASA's funding to find out something so simple.

Explaining myself is absolutely pointless, regardless of what I say, it is action that matters most. Back in my room, I was stuck, I could find no way to develop any further into my Project. For you see, while I had a program, I could produce no vessel. A vessel, would require strong parts, which, for a fourteen year old boy, are hard to come by. My only access to parts, are whatever parts I find in the junkyard, just about a mile outside of the town.

That, is when it came to me, I knew others. Other hackers, lamost exactly like myself, people who may have access to such things as strong, metallic parts. I turned to my computer, seeking answers to my road block. I wasted no time in loading up our usual hangout website. Aftwerwords, I started up the chatroom, only three others were on besides for myself.
(Zane=Corrupt. ???=Yardz. ???=HeartBreaker. ???=Enigma.)
Corrupt: Hey guys.

Yardz: Yoyo! It's the kiddo!

Corrupt: Oh, hey Yardz, is HeartBreaker here or is she away from keyboard?

HeartBreaker: Hey baby, what do you need me for? <3

Corrupt: Oh, hey HeartBreaker. I was just wondering, since I know you build robots for that science club of yours, do you know where a person like me can get their hands on some nice, sturdy parts?

HeartBreaker: Well, my group doesn't really go anywhere to get our parts, they are provided. I have tons of spare parts though. Want them?

Corrupt: Seriously? Sure! When can I come and pick them up?

HeartBreaker: Anytime you want <3

Corrupt: Awesome! Thanks! I'll be right there!

I then closed the connection. If you're wondering why HeartBreaker was so quick to offer me the parts, it's because her and I are, well, sort of going out, she has a strange obsession for me. I find it creepy and unhealthy, but, it comes in handy at times such as these. Knowing her though, now that she knew I needed help with something, she'll want to help with everything.

I sighed and slowly arose from the computer chair. My parents are currently in Miami, they are there attending a conference for their work. The entire house is mine, that is, until they return in seven days. I know what you're thinking, leaving a fourteen year old kid, all alone, for seven days, yeah, it doesn't sound like good parenting, but, they aren't exactly good parents to begin with. I'm not getting into those details at the moment though.

So, with all that set, I grabbed my spare backpack, which was empty, and decided that I'd put whatever she gave me in there. Since I couldn't drive, my only way to get there would be by walking. Walking a nice, easy, cool, three miles.


By the time I had reached her house, I was tired and didn't really even care about the project at the moment. But, I wasn't going to walk back three times with nothing, so, I walked up to her door, and rang the doorbell.

It took a few moments before I could hear footsteps on the other side. And when the door opened, it was not HeartBraker's face I saw, but instead, one of her rather annoying friends, Shana. "Oh, hey little boy! Did you get lost on the way to your house?" She asked,making fun of the fact that she was older than I.

"Just show me where HeartBreaker is." I said with a sigh. I rather hate tolerating people such as Shana, those who are not technologically inclined like myself. But, of course, Shana is HeartBreaker's friend, not mine. It is not my decision as to whom she speaks to.

"HeartBreaker? Why do you always use her online name? That's so lame." She said and rolled her eyes. "Her name is Crystal. C-r-y-s-t-a-l. Ok?" She said, annoying me to no end. She then grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me along towards Crystal's room.

Crystal looked over from her computer screen and gave me a smile. Crystal, is a ratehr strange eighteen year old, seeing as how she has a crush on myself, a mere fourteen year old boy. "Hey, cutie!" She said and winked. She said such things purposfully, she knew it made me feel awkward during a conversation.

"Oh, you two love birds." Teased Shana.

"Hey. So, uh, anyways, do you have those parts I asked for ready?" I asked. I didn't really want to spend anymore time here than I initially had to.

Crystal arose from her chair and walked over to her closet. On the top shelf of her closet, were the tools and parts I had asked for. "They're yours, but, only if you agree to the following conditions." She said and nudged my shoulder slightly.

I gave a long sigh before responding. "And these conditions would be?" I asked.

She smiled. "One, you must let Shana and I help you build whatever it is you're trying to build,'ve got to give me a kiss!" She said and hugged me slightly.

"..." I paused for a moment. I'm not the type to work with anyone, nor am I the type to fall for romance. Both conditions made my stomach lurch. See what I mean by saying she has some type of strange crush on me? "...Fine, fine. I'll agree to those conditions." I grumbled. Before I had time to do anything else, Crystal had caught me turned me around. She gave me a slight kiss on the cheek. My eye twitched.

Crystal giggled and brought the box of supplies down from her closet and handed them to me. "By the way, why did it take you so long to get here?" She asked.

"Well, with my parents out of town, my only way of getting here was by walking." I replied.

"You...walked? You do realise that I would have gladly have come in my car and gotten you, right?" Crystal laughed.

"Oh, um..." I actually had not thought about that. My mind was so glued on getting the parts, I didn't take the time to process any of my other thoughts.

Crystal sighed. "Sometimes I wonder about you." She said. She actually acted as a sort of guardian for me at times. As I said before, my parents are...well, not really parent material. Crystal has tried to fill their role at times, she even came to my school one day because she found out that I was being bullied. My parents, on the other hand, just told me to deal with it.

Shana tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention. "So, what exsactly are you building anyways?" She asked me.

"Yeah, I kinda want to know as well." Said Crystal. "You've talked about some project of yours online for awhile now, but you've never given any real specific details."

I chuckled. "Oh? I haven't told you before? Well, I'll fix that right now." I said. "This project is mostly derived from Project 813's program, you know, the one John's dad is incharge of? Heh, anyways, I plan to launch my own miniature satellite to explore some deep space radio transmissions. I've got the program all set, but, the only problem is that I need a vessel to hold the program. Since the program isn't exactly what I need, I modified it to have a few extra features. Such as being able to bounce radio waves back that it recieves. Also, since the original program links back to NASA, I had tio change that to link to my own computer. I'd rather NASA not find out that I've created a mimic of something they are making." I said.

"Wow." Crystal said. "I just thought you were going to try and make a computer again." She laughed slightly. "Anyways, it's not like you're an engineer, how do you intend on making a satellite?"

I looked over at her. "Simple, what does a person do when they need something done, that they themselves can't do?" I asked.

"Um, look it up online?" Shrugged Crystal.

"Guess at it?" Asked Shana.

"No." I said. "What one must do when one can not do something, is call somebody who knows how to do it. We're going to find an engineer of our own."


Crystal yawned slightly. "We're going to hire somebody, to build a satellite that will run a stolen project? You do realize that the chances of anyone doing that are slim to none, right? Also, we're not exactly loaded with money, hiring somebody costs money." She said and shook her head.

I chuckled. "You're right, we could never hire anybody official, but, who says we can't hire our good old pal, Yardz? While his work may be sloppy, which is one of the reasons why the police had him in jail for awhile, he could surely put this together for us. Or, atleast something that can stay together for awhile."

"Yardz?" Said Crystal. "You're actually thinking of using that idiot? He's a con-man! He was thrown in jail because he decided to use glue instead of nails! You're satellite won't make it five feet in the air if he builds it!" She was baffled at why I was even considering Yardz as our engineer.

"It's not we know all that many engineers, Crystal, if I want to have that satellite built, he's my only option, whether I like it or not." I said.

Cystal shook her head slowly. "Alright, fine, I'll text Yardz and see if he can come over." She said and took out her cell phone.

Shana tapped me on the shoulder. "Um, who is Yardz?" She asked.

"His name is Steve Rodgers. He's a member of the site that Crystal and I go to. He is known for scamming, gambling, oh and that one time he set like five of the trees in the park on fire; the police still don't know who did that."

Shana blinked. "We're inviting somebody like THAT over here?" She asked. "Just how old is this guy anyways?"

"He's twenty-six. The guy is in and out of jail all the time." I sighed. Thankfully, this wasn't one of those times where he was in jail.

"Alright, he's on his way." Said Crystal and hung up her phone. "Oh, and don't worry, Shana, Steve has a bad background, but, he's harmless. The only reason I don't want him over is because he's not really an engineer!" She said and looked at me.

"He understands it more than we do, that's all I know." I said.

Crystal shrugged. "Alright, I suppose you're right about that. But still, do you think that whatever he does is really going to keep together?"

"Hm, not really, but, we're going to make it stay together long enough to collect the information I'm after."

Shana nodded. "Right, you and your wanting to explore the radio waves thing. Anyways, doesn't it take awhile to travel through space?"

"Yes, indeed it does, but who said that we were going to travel to the source? I just want to collect the waves and send them back to my computer for research. There is no way we could create something for deepspace travel with Steve's help."

"No joke." Said Crystal. "I still can't believe we're asking him for help."

"You don't like him very well, do you?" I chuckled.

"Now that you mention it, no." She said. I knew she and Steve always argued online, but I never knew that they actually disliked eachother.

A ring came from the doorbell, Shana looked over at Crystal who started for the door. She opened the door and greeted Steve. "Hey, the fool is here."

"I love you too baby doll." Teased Steve. He immediatly headed towards me. "So, kiddo, I heard that you needed a bit of help building something, mind if I ask what it is?"

"Heh, oh, it's nothing much, really, just...a satellite."

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