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Location: The Crossroads (Books 1 and 2), Escort to Dragesvard, The Crossroads (Book 3)

Quests given

Shops owned

The Crossroads (Books 1 and 2)

Vorst: Need a ride to Dragesvard?
  • Let's Go! (takes you to Dragesvard)

    Vorst: What, you never heard of it?
    Vorst: See that giant glacier over there? That's Dragesvard. Don't forget to dress warm...
    Vorst: The only way to get there is by gryphon, or a boat if you had one.

    Escort to Dragesvard

    Vorst: No. Absolutely not.
    Vorst: No. No. Faramonde's used that line before.
    Vorst: Yeah. Sure. One caravaner. Then next time it's one caravaner and a cartload. And a horse. And it's cart.
    Vorst: Have you ever tried to get a panicked gryphon out of icy water?
    Vorst: No. Faramonde's already outfitted your caravaner there to keep the cargo dry. Get walking.

    The Crossroads (Book 3)

    Vorst: Hail, <Class>. I'm afraid I can't give you a ride to Dragesvard.

  • Talk
    Vorst: What, you've never heard of it?
    Vorst: Dragesvard is a city built on a giant glacier. However, because of the unusually strong currents as of late, it's started to drift too much to the west
    Vorst: I believe the Rose is preparing giant chains to anchor it to the land, before it sails into the open seas.


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