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Transient Immortality

Today's Event > Transient Immortality! (New quest into No Man's Land) OR Travel Map > Granemor > General's Tower > 14: Pool of Eternity

Months have passed since Kragoth masterminded the destruction of Granemor. After much hard work, the city's great walls have been rebuilt, and Granemor once again stands as the front line in protecting the civilizations of eastern Battleonia from the mutants and re-shaped creatures of No-Man's Land to the west. Reports of a strange man visiting Granemor in search of rare and expensive magical items and concoctions have recently raised the interest of General Herous...

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  • «Scene: Granemor.»

    «You»: Hello everyone-- When I heard about the manhunt you had going on I decided to see if I could lend a hand.
    Boog: Nice of you to offer, «You». I'm sure the General could use the help.
    General Herous: I can indeed. The description of the suspicious individual that my agents have given reminded me of someone I knew years ago...
    General Herous: Long before the Devourer's attack that led to my post here, my mother, Queen Herous, appointed her two sons to their lifelong careers.
    General Herous: When a royal has two sons, one must take up sword and armor in military work, and the other must become a Cleric and man of the cloth.
    General Herous: I was chosen to take up the martial path, and my brother, Ambern, was chosen to become the man of faith.
    General Herous: I think our mystery man IS my long-lost brother. You see, after practicing his faith for a decade, he disappeared from his monastery.
    General Herous: What he is doing NOW, though, that entails going back and forth between Granemor and No Man's Land, is anyone's guess.
    Dewlok: Hmf. I saw the list of the items he was able to purchase here. Linderberry Seeds. Fermented salamander egg. Ashes of an ice golem.
    Dewlok: I'm no wizard but I've known enough of them that I've heard things. And those specific ingredients are VERY expensive and used for studies in-- IMMORTALITY.
    «You»: Wow... so a cleric is searching for the secret of immortality? Sounds like he kind of-- lost his faith.
    General Herous: Quite possible. I knew my brother, but not as well as I should have. He is a very smart man, and very conflicted.
    General Herous: He accepted the role bestowed on him by the Queen, and seemed honestly to believe in his faith, but he always did question the ultimate meaning of life.
    Boog: MY big question is just WHAT did 'e find in No Man's Land that causes 'im to brave those dark hills??
    «You»: Do we have a trail to follow?
    General Herous: My scouts haven't been able to find one--

    «Visia enters.»

    Visia: -- but I have!
    «You»: Visia! I see you're getting along alright with your new altered powers.
    Visia: "Altered"... ironic. Yes, I'm making do. Becoming a healer was quite a change. Luckily I still retain a small amount of offensive magicks.
    General Herous: Are we simply to take for granted that you have experienced a change of heart along with your change in power?
    Visia: I went through quite an experience with Kragoth. It changed me mentally as well as physically. And I realized that I had to change to be welcomed in the rest of the world.
    Visia: Now, if you'll accept my help, I know the man of which you speak. He is indeed your brother, General, but he calls himself Unverander now.
    Visia: He has made some friends in No Man's Land, chief among them the mutant Trolls, who in turn control many other creatures through their brute strength.
    «You»: What is Unverander doing, though?
    Visia: He may have found the location of the Pool of Eternity. Creatures of No Man's Land have, since their inception, told tales of a place where The'Galin's destructive touch failed to wreak its havoc--
    Visia: -- Where, instead, the power of the Creator Lorithia held steadfast. What remained was an oasis of creation amid the destruction of the scar left by the Devourer.
    Visia: The water there grants immortality. Or so it is said.
    «You»: And so he found it... tested it... Realized he needed the reagents he found here to make it work. Do you have any idea where it might be?
    Visia: I do.
    General Herous: We need to leave now. He was spotted just this past night. If we hurry, we may catch up to him.
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    «Scene: No Man's Land»

  • Battle with Visia's help! (healing version)
  • Battle with Dewlok's help!
  • Battle with Herous's help!
  • Battle with Boog's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «Scene: A different part of No Man's Land»

  • Battle with Visia's help! (healing version)
  • Battle with Dewlok's help!
  • Battle with Herous's help!
  • Battle with Boog's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «Scene: A different part of No Man's Land»

    «You»: Is anyone else getting a really creepy feeling right about now?

    «Mutant vines on the left and right start waving.»

    «You»: .......... I think we may have a problem.
    Visia: Mutant vines. There is little I dislike more than predatory plants.

      Mutant Tendrils!
      Don't let these monstrous vines grab you, or any of your party!
      Difficulty: 50
      Stat Used: Dexterity
      «If you failed your roll, you lose 200 HP and:»

      Dewlok: That looks like it hurt.

      «Dialogue continues below.»
      «If you succeeded:»

      «Mutant vines recede.»

      General Herous: Good job, «You»!

      «Dialogue continues below.»

    «Unverander enters.»

    Unverander: ........ Arster Herous. I see you've stayed in fighting shape these past few years.
    General Herous: Ambern!
    Unverander: How is mother these days? Aging gracefully?
    General Herous: We know you're somehow in league with many of these ghastly beasts in No Man's Land. And we know you are looking for... or have found... the Pool of Eternity.
    Unverander: You know this, do you? Then perhaps you also KNOW that the Pool of Eternity does not give away its gift so easily. One must surround oneself in its waters often--
    Unverander: -- in order to claim immortality. It is a cruel joke. The waters lose their powers when removed from contact with the rest of the pool. You can't take it with you, indeed.
    Unverander: But I have studied them for years now, and I believe I have found a way, using various reagents, to make permanent the immortal touch of the waters.
    General Herous: We are not meant to be immortal, Ambern. We are MEN, not gods. Our time is NOW, not forever.
    Unverander: Eloquent, for you, brother. But not the truth for all of us. And the name is now Unverander, NOT Ambern. I am not the man you knew.
    Unverander: In fact, before long I won't even be a man. I'll be a god, as you said. Hehehe...
    General Herous: If exposure to the Pool changed you-- changed your MIND so much-- then a permanent affect may do untold things to you. You might lose your humanity!
    General Herous: I cannot let you continue this journey!
    Unverander: Touching, how much you still care for my wellbeing. Sadly, I cannot allow YOU to stop me. Perhaps this magical weapon I fashioned will convince you to turn back.
  • Fight!

  • Battle with Visia's help! (healing version)
  • Battle with Dewlok's help!
  • Battle with Herous's help!
  • Battle with Boog's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    «You»: Okay, so you're not quite the warrior you thought you were. Maybe your mother made the right choice pointing you toward faith as a profession.
    Unverander: Look a bit closer, and you'll see I've already fully recovered from my injuries. After I add the reagents to the Pool and re-enter its waters, nothing on Lore will be able to stand against me!
    General Herous: Ambern-- please listen to reason--!
    Unverander: I've studied reason and faith for a decade, brother! Reason is what you make of it, and the only faith one should have is in oneself!!

    «Unverander leaves.»

    Visia: He's off at a run. Presumably to the Pool. And with his enhanced regenerative powers, he will be able to keep going nonstop.
    General Herous: Then... we must make do with all the speed we can muster.
    «You»: We're with you, General, whatever you decide.
  • Go!

      1 BATTLE

    «Scene: A different part of No Man's Land»

  • Battle with Visia's help! (healing version)
  • Battle with Dewlok's help!
  • Battle with Herous's help!
  • Battle with Boog's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal

    «Scene: The Pool of Eternity»

    «You»: The-- Pool of Eternity!
    «You»: Did we get here before Unverander?!
    Dewlok: I fear not. Hmf.

    «Unverander enters.»

    Unverander: You must be tired. I'm not.
    Unverander: In case you are wondering, I have added all of the reagents to the Pool already. They seem to have integrated into the waters promisingly.
    General Herous: Ambern-- Unverander-- PLEASE-- don't do this.
    Unverander: All of my life other have told me what to DO. What to THINK. What to BELIEVE.
    Unverander: No more. Today, I make my OWN fate.
    Unverander: THIS-- IS-- MY-- DESTINY!!

    «Unverander jumps into the Pool.»

    General Herous: AMBERN!!!!
    «You»: ........... What do you think's happening under there?
    Boog: I don' know, but the suspense is killin' me.
    Visia: He'd be losing his breath by now, certainly.
    General Herous: I should go in after him--
    «You»: No, General-- Let me.

    «A large splash explodes out of the pool along with Unverander.»

    «You»: !!!
    General Herous: Brother!
    Unverander: ................
    Unverander: S-something... not right..... I-- miscalculated?
    Visia: The Pool... it... it knows what you intended! Immortality was never meant to be imparted by it.
    «You»: What does that mean? The Creator gave it some kind of intelligence?
    Visia: Not intelligence. Programming. Unverander tried to change it with the reagents. The Pool wouldn't let itself be changed.
    Unverander: I... uhhh... only wanted something... to make me special...
    General Herous: You are special to ME, Ambern. And mother. I... I love you, brother.
    Unverander: Don't cry... for me... This was all... my fault...

    «Unverander dies in a cloud of purple smoke.»

    «You»: This is probably the saddest ending to any quest I've ever been on. Anyone have anything funny to say??
    Boog: Give me a minute. It'll take some thought to spin a joke outta THIS...
    Visia: The waters... Hmm. No matter how they altered the reagents, they would have retained SOME effects. Obviously TOO MUCH... total immersion... overloaded Unverander.
    Visia: But-- the water's power WOULD have been changed. What would they do now? If someone came into very limited contact? Hmmm... Oh my.
    Visia: «You»! You've been standing so close to the Pool all this time!!
    «You»: So?
    Visia: DID ANY OF IT SPLASH ONTO YOU?! If it DID, I fear we'll see what effects this changed Pool's waters now have on a living thing!
    «You»: ................ *gulp*
    Boog: OH!! HA! I got it! Unverander's ALL WASHED UP! Hahaaa!!

      Immortal Waters!
      Did the splash from the Immortal Waters touch you??
      Difficulty: 50
      Stat Used: None

    «If you failed your roll, you open the Transcience 2 shop. If you succeeded, you open the Transience 1 shop.»
    Transience 1

    Shop Weapons
  • Unverander's Blade [L. 38]
  • Unverander's Blade [L. 51]
  • Unverander's Blade [L. 73]
  • Unverander's Blade [L. 91]
  • Unverander's Blade Z [L. 81 Z]
  • Guardian Unverander's Blade [L. 117 G]
  • Unverander's Blade [L. 130]
    Transience 2

    Shop Spells
  • Diminished Water of Immortality [L. 10]
  • Altered Water of Immortality [L. 30]
  • Transformed Water of Immortality [L. 50]
  • Alchemized Water of Immortality [L. 70]
  • Transmuted Water of Immortality [L. 90]
  • Metamorphosed Water of Immortality [L. 110]
  • Transmogrified Water of Immortality [L. 130]
  • Transcended Water of Immortality [L. 150 G]
    «If you failed your roll, or if you failed in Defying your roll:»

    The power of the altered water overwhelms you, and you awaken in Granemor.
    Unverander's weapon was interesting, though...
    Take this quest for a chance to earn it!

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    «If you succeeded or succeeded in Defying your roll:»

    You managed to avoid making contact with the altered water!
    What powers might it have given you, though...?
    Take this quest again to find out!

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Monster List

    Level 0-14
    Aegull (7)
    Altoad (4)
    Bad Bird (5)
    Globulus (9)
    Lizator (7)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (8)
    Scarred Rose (3)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Private (10)
    Thumping Ogre (11)
    Void Golem (5)
    Void Golem (15)

    Level 15-29
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (18)
    Globulus (9)
    Lizator (25)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (20)
    Pounding Ogre (27)
    Scarred Rose (15)
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Sergeant (25)
    Void Golem (35)
    Void Golem (15)

    Level 30-49
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (38)
    Bashing Ogre (47)
    Darsting Snargle (26)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    No-Eyes (32)
    Pandumo (40)
    Scarred Rose (35)
    Serpika Lieutenant (50)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Void Golem (15)
    Void Golem (35)

    Level 50-69
    Aegull (44)
    Altoad (58)
    Irenste Snargle (46)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (52)
    Pandumo (60)
    Scarred Rose (55)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Void Golem (55)
    Void Golem (35)
    Whalloping Ogre (67)

    Level 70-89
    Aegull (66)
    Altoad (78)
    Blessed Globulus (69)
    Felonious Falcon (65)
    Lizator (61)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (72)
    Pandumo (80)
    Ragid Snargle (66)
    Scarred Rose (75)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Void Golem (75)
    Void Golem (55)

    Level 90+
    Aegull (88)
    Altoad (78)
    Frumious Snargle (86)
    Lizator (79)
    Moglinator M-1000 (100)
    No-Eyes (92)
    Pandumo (80)
    Pernicious Pheasant (85)
    Saint Globulus (84)
    Serpika General (90)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Void Golem (95)
    Void Golem (75)
    Zug (87)

    Monster Lists thanks to In Media Res. Write up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

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