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Alchemized Water of Immortality

«Healing spell. Uses END for stat bonuses.»

Also see:Location: Transient Immortality
Element: Water
Level	70
PowLvl	70
MPLvl	70

Price	5235
Sell	2617

SPCost	193
Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Heal
Damage	16-48
Stat%	143.31
BTH	«Auto»
You were splashed by the pool of immortality in No Man's Land, and now you can call the waters themselves! While this water no longer confers immortality, it still retains some of its healing power! (Costs 193 SP and uses your END for stat bonuses.)


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Write up and image thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.


Starts off as a standard healing spell:
Level	70
PowLvl	70

Damage	63-189
Stat%	562
BTH	17
The spell heals your HP by *0.85*0.9 damage due to Auto-Hit and always useful, split evenly across the three hits.

All this has ALREADY been factored into the above numbers.


February 3, 2011: The spell was released.
June 8, 2012: Price and sellback were swept.
June 19, 2014: The spell was updated. See revision for older stats.

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