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Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4, Love Ship

Quests Given

Shops owned

Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4

Beleen: I LOVE pink boot polish! Chongo prefers light-red, so we alternate colors each week. Big Daddy suggested it. Oh, I hope he's alright!

Love Ship

Beleen: Then bring in the lovebirds!

Beleen: It's a cruise of love! I HAD to be here!

Beleen: Aww come on True! Are you still on about that?

Beleen: In my defense True does make a mean moglinberry cocktail!

Beleen: Oh that's my job to watch! Let's see...
Beleen: Mister and Mrs Puddingshins, Ash and Aria, Ju and Tsu, and Scur and Vy.
Beleen: Hmmm... We better keep those four apart from each other!

Beleen: Hmmm let's see, that were all of them! Or... no, wait!
Beleen: Where are Ju and Tsu?

Beleen: EEP!
Beleen: When- no HOW- did you get here?

Beleen: But I didn't see you come on board!

Beleen (thinks): There isn't a lot of loving going on on this Love Ship...
Beleen: Well... Ok... I'll just check off the list!
Beleen: There! DONE!
Beleen: Captain, we're ready to leave!

Beleen (thinks): That's not a lot of loving at ALL!
Beleen: Hmmm.... I know!
Beleen: This will get them to love each other some more!

Beleen: Hey True! Could you make 8 of these awesome moglinberry cocktails of yours?

Beleen: Thanks pal!

Beleen: Free drinks for all the guests!

Beleen (thinks): Much better!

Beleen: Must be the sea air! Oh and I also helped them a little!

Beleen: With my special Love potion! Mambo #5 1/2!

Beleen: What?

Beleen: Awesome!

Beleen: Less awesome...

Beleen: Not awesome at all!

Beleen: Yes sir!

Beleen: <Character>, we need your help!

Beleen: Weeeeeell... I might have spiked the guests drinks with a love potion and now the love's getting out of control!

Beleen: Big Daddy knows how to counter the effects with another potion but he need you to gather the ingredients!

Beleen: Hate potion? That sounds cruel!

Beleen: Roger that!

Beleen: Done!

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