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Hero / You

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Right, Basilisk Cave, The Yaga Sisters, Ice Princess

Quests given
Basilisk Cave
The Yaga Sisters
Ash vs. the Volcano
Slushroom Princess
Ice Princess

Shops owned

ArchKnight Falconreach

Hero: Hi Ash! Artix and Warlic have told me you're ready to start on your journey into knighthood.

  • Talk
    Hero: I'll do what I can to help you on your way. If there's a chance to save a princess you're more then welcome to come along with me!
    • Basilisks
      You: I'll do what I can.
      You: I was about to head out on a quest now. There's a cave of basilisks that needs to be cleared out.
      You: They've been fighting with a local tribe of faeries, many of which have royal blood, so you might be able to save a princess there.

      You: Oh!
      You: Wow... We can probably collect some basilisk mucus to glue her back together.

      You: Trust me, that stuff is as sticky as anything. It'll get her put back together no problem.

    • Yaga
      Hero: Ash, I've heard of another princess that we can try to rescue. A princess disappeared in the depths of Doomwood several years ago.
      Hero: I believe that the Yaga sisters have her prisoner or at least can give us some information as to her whereabouts.
      Hero: While we're there we can see if they have a potion or spell that reverses the stone curse as well.

    • Jungle Princess
      Hero: Ash, Yulgar's has news of another princess! He's hired a tribe from the southern jungles to help bring in ore and exotic wood for weapons.
      Hero: The leader's daughter has gone missing. If you're ready we can venture into the jungle and save her!

    • Princess Slushroom
      Hero: Ash! Princess Slushroom has been kidnapped! We have to save her!

    • Ice Princess
      Hero: I'm going to talk with Warlic, Ash, and see if we can figure out a way to help your fiery friend.
      Hero: In the meantime, maybe you should head over and see Twilly? He's been working on his healing magic.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Basilisk Cave

    You: Um, Ash...

    You: Ash.... it's not a princess!

    You: It's a faery prince, not a princess.

    The Yaga Sisters

    Hero: OMG. I'm never taking you anywhere ever again.

    Hero: Well...
    Hero: You did just basically admit to still trying to summon the Savage Outworlder.

    Hero: Only when what you consider "fun" threatens my very existence...

    Hero: It's a royal crest.

    Hero: ... That she's a princess, yep.

    Hero: Sorry, Ash... maybe they know of something that can help your friend though?

    Hero: ...
    Hero: Sorry, Ash, looks like you need to find a Prince for this one...

    Ice Princess

    Hero: Um, Ash... ?

    Hero: The best way to combat fire is with ice. I think you'll be able to find a cure in the Frozen North.

    Hero: There is also a legend amongst the Kilguins, one of the northern tribes.
    Hero: It tells of a princess frozen deep within a cave that's guarded by frost wisps.
    Hero: They say on very cold nights, you can hear her singing echo out of cave and that she sings about wanting to finally see the sun.

    Other information
  • Hero has the appearance of your Dragon Amulet or Guardian character that was used to unlock the Ash Dragonblade character slot, including saved class/gear.

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for correction.

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