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Aelthai -> =Dev= MogBusters Deleted Scenes (2/23/2011 3:07:18)

The MogBusters have decided to give you a special preview of what you will NOT be facing on Thursday.

That's right, this is something that didn't actually make the show ... it was *far* too fearsome ... and annoying!

I present to you: the Xyfraaarrrggh! An all-too-successful experiment involving two Xyfrags and some water from the Pool of Immortality, this was very definitely a *bad* idea!

The Xyfraaarrrggh is a Xyfrag Champion Elite Boss ... who is also a full Tank and has END, DEX, and LUK ... oh, and nice Defences as well.

He also has a little bit of the Water of Immortality left (which he uses very reliably ... fair warning: he starts with a LOT of SP. I mean a LOT. So it may take you quite while to get him to burn it all).

He appears on the Guardian server in the Void.

The Void on the Free server now holds Lord Ceiline the Supremely Great, Water Admiral Ness'ah, Conflagrative Infernomancer Pir'os the Searing, and Megdragon P1.

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