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Kalanyr -> =Dev= Wizard Class Armors Defences/Resistances Changes heads up (3/11/2011 19:46:51)

Hi all,

As you're aware Wizard has been on the newsletter for a loong time now, this has been due to several problems plaguing me it in real life (my hard disk died and it took over a month to get a replacement, my grandmother nearly died multiple times, the loss of time from the previous two meant other more immediate projects had to take priority over getting Wizard fixed immediately and there have been a couple of other minor delays) but we're getting close to the release now, still not giving a specific date but soon.

What this post is for is to inform you that since we'll be commencing the internal testing & debugging for these armors soon, the base values for the resistances & defences of your Wizard Robes (and their colored variants) may change as some of you remember, from when we reached this point with Dragonslayer & Ninja, the values they will change to won't reflect the final values after the Wizard class remake is released.

There may also be a few other incongruities during the testing stage but we will try our best to avoid them.

We thank you for your understanding

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